NL $50 FR Live Video Part II

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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FullTilt Live Video series

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  • Tenebrus


    Viel Spaß beim Schaun
  • RacoonCity


    It doesnt look like U made any money during this session, even though U were quiet lucky with 76o hitting trips and with 78o making a fullhouse. Going allin on the flop with AKo, after u completely missed your hand and facing 2 other players, with one of them already allin, wasnt justified. On the other hand, checking with AJ0 on the turn facing resistance from another player would having more appropriate, as u just made yourself pot commited with your big bet on the turn, that ended up with U calling the other player allin and losing to his fullhouse!
  • ge5sterne


    I don't think the AK Hand was at all unjustified. I don't like the spot either but do you disagree with the math or the Calling-Range I gave Villian? Against his Calling-Range we are basically even money and we need little Fold-Equity in order to make this a marginal +EV Push. You could argue that a c/f saves us some variance on the other end but where do you agree with my analysis if you say the Push is unjustified?.

    What is your line in the AJ Hand on the Turn against his Stack? c/c? Will you then Fold to a Riverbet if the River blanks? What exactly is the alternative plan for the Hand you propose?

    Thank you very much for your constructive feedback, I highly appreciate a discussion flavored with a little content for everybody's gain :)
  • RacoonCity


    Thanks for your feedback on my commentary!
    First of all, I must mention that u have good knowledge playing at this level of NH. The problem is U get sometimes overaggressive eventhough U r more likely way behind, but this just an impression based on the current session.
    Regarding the two hands I discussed, they were both in quiet a tight spot. A check on the flop, for the first hand, is more safer option in my opinion, as U had no fold equity against one player who was already allin, and u can still expect the other player to check giving U a free card on the turn, maybe also on the river, even in the case he bets strong, U can just fold your hand witout much dammage, U will anyway have the opportunity to see what hand he is holding no matter what.
    For the second hnad, U trapped yourself betting strong in a paired board after getting called on the flop. U could still walk away from that hand if U just checked on the turn or folded to his allin. I know its hard to lay down a top pair, top kicker, but sometimes its just the right thing to do.
    This maybe a conservative approach I m advising here in contrast to your aggressive one, but it has only to be used in situations where U are likely dominated when holding strong hands.
    Looking forward to watch your next video. keep up the good work!
  • tricil


    @ge5sterne I haven't finished the video yet but as far as the AK hand in the beginning is concerned, I completely disagree with the (calling) range you give villain on the flop. Both opponents are rather unknown and called your preflop squeeze. I would suspect that most of the time at least one of them holds a good pair (i.e. TT-QQ) already. I don't see how you can justify this calling range calculation without having good reasons (e.g. reads) to think that CO calls a preflop squeeze of 2/5 his stack size with a drawing hand.
  • tricil


    ... so what would be wrong with checking and hoping to see a free turn card, which can still improve your hand? Your opponent will hardly ever bluff against two opponents in a 3-bet pot, don't you think?
  • ge5sterne


    your are right, the range is rather loose for a 3Bet-Pot. Especially on NL50 the Ranges might be rather tight in this spot. Let's leave him with a Range like 88,TT+,AdQd. Then we have 18% but we need 24% or something like that. Now it becomes even more close. It depends on if we think that the Range he calls with includes Hands like Broadways, many PPs and SCs. Against unknown we might even c/f, but it's very marginal in both directions.
  • ge5sterne


    Just to clarify: 88,TT+,AdQd would be the tighter Range he calls the Push with and the Range I talk about afterwards is the Range he might call a squeeze with, which basically would tells us how much Fold Equity we got.
  • TheBrood


    Interesting to see you play marginal hands from the button versus stations.
    I saw you play many spots where I wouldn't be sure what to do but now I have a better idea how to proceed.
    Your video has helped me a lot and if I could make a recommendation(apart from raising the volume) it would only be for you to maybe go over what you will say during the video before you make it: In the FH hand its pretty clear that you must put him all-in on turn because a FD is folding the river, but you gave other reasons except the main one imo.
    Thanks a lot!
  • excelgeo


    your commentary is too slow, takes 5 minutes to analyze a hand...

    other than that it was interesting, i like the isoalation raise idea against limpers
  • usun


    very nice video, solid detailed explanations. I like the whole approach. I agree with the author about AK (even though the spot is ugly) and AJ (no way to get away against opponents range for such stacks, he was just lucky to hit his two outer).
    The only issue is volume - too low.
  • Aquarium


    I have played a similar hand in a 6 hndd table interesting too but here I must agree that at least one of the other guys have a big pair in th AK hand. it's a very bad spot but nice vid! keep makin them ;)
  • saxemephone


    In the AK hand near the beginning you need to consider the all-in shorty's range as well. If you barely meet the required equity vs. the midstack, you surely won't have enough equity vs. both opponents as some of the times you beat the midstack and get his remaining $14 plus the $4.50 in the side pot you lose vs. the shortstack and don't get the full pot. Also the fold equity you have vs. the midstack only really goes towards the $4.50 side pot, as you can still lose the main pot to the shorty. Taking everything into consideration I would check/fold to a reasonable bet hoping to check it down vs. overcards or a smallish pair.
  • KingJoe75


    in the hand where you squeeze w. AK, shouldn t you take in consideration that you may loose to the small stack which is alreay allin in your calculation? For me you should have folded in this spot.
  • ge5sterne


    No, that is a clear 3Bet for Value. The Shortstack will open a range which we easily crush with AK and with all the deadmoney in the pot, he might go broke with hands like AJ,AQ which again we dominate. If the shortstack folds, the bigstacks have the opportunity to call with worse hands or ship in hands like AQ,TT,JJ etc. Standard 3Bet in that spot, anything else would be a mistake and the less profitable line.
  • Donkkk


    at 10: when you got the deuces and the jacks right aside you mix up your raisingsize, 4xBB with 22 and 3xBB with JJ.My question would be if you just mix up your raisingsize or if theres a greater plan behind, since nobody limped before with the deuces I didn't see a reason but nevermind just asking.
  • ge5sterne


    The reasoning behind mixing up my raisesizes in these spots is my relative position to the Blinds and to certain playertypes (Shortstacks, Fish, Regs).

    If I'm likely to play OOP (SB, UTG) I like to raise the Pot (here on NL50 I would just 4x it).

    If a big VPIP fish is OOP against you, you may want to consider raising bigger as well because he will call too much OOP. In a similar manner you can broaden your valuerange for openraising in that position.

    Don't be static in your raisesizes. Vary it with regards to table dynamics but never vary it based on your actual handstrength :)
  • vibreaza


    I really enjoyed your video, and I would have totally gone allin AK bb, though you most likely have gotten a free turn and maybe river card with checking them (maybe), even though without a bet from the villain, you most certainly would have put him on AQ etc and would have gone yourself all in on the river. And ofc squizzing there is the only possibility.
    Looking forward to seeing more!!