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FullTilt Live Video Starting hand chart

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  • J4Jc3


    Nice video, I liked it ;)
  • rex99


    nice vid, but the sound is not good.
  • RacoonCity


    Good and solid SG play. U should however be aware of the fact that players at this very low level of SG, arent familar with the gap concept, and therefor your fold equity goes down in value.
  • bl4ze88


    good vid and very good comments to the situations and moves.

    and as racoon said, at these limits you don't have to think about fold equity most of the time, because the players are playing much more loose preflop.

    but whatever - hope to see more vids by you about these and upper limits soon
  • Titicamara


    Good job. Keep it up.
  • T3rMiT3


    very nice video...the sound was a little bit to low...the rest was great...thx! :)
  • Tjoeny


    Nice vid learned from it :)
  • ShadowOfLight1337


    I don't agree with a lot of your pushes, because to risk your entire stack for 1 blind when you still have like 10BB doesn't strike me as profitable.
  • MikeB570


    Can barely hear you on my laptop. Couldn't even watch it...
  • MrSaddeh


    Amazing video, 40 minutes well spent for me. ;) Thanks, keep them coming!
  • djbakero


    you earned 0.4$ bravo
  • AssadKamran91


    great vid. the sound was clean and good, just had to max it on the volume controller
  • MaCe90


    GooD vid! I enjoyed it! Looking forward to more low limit SnG videos , especially on the 3.40$ on Stars.
  • lessthanthreee


    lol @ the ATs hand with 5 limpers. overcall QTo , 98s and KQo lol!
  • Hahaownedlolz


    Very tight play.. seen nothing impressive yet.. easy lay downs.

    But what does surprise me if you fold KQ and then a while later i see you go all in with KJ suited.. how does that make sense? There's no sound on my computer though. you did have 10 BB left, which the guide says its a push fold phase. but still weird that you would go all in with such a hand.

    Havent watched it completely yet but ok. Hope i will see something that i can learn from. Im going to try to be more tight, maybe not as tight as you. But im taking risks to often and get bad luck on the river.
  • Hahaownedlolz


    Wait.. are we supposed to learn from this? or are we supposed to give this guy advice?

    you push with A-5 offsuit while you fold those the whole game. I really dont see how that is profitable unless your a very lucky player. I watched it halfway and im done with this. if i played like this my bankroll would be gone in 1 day.

    not to mention you had 20 BB!! why would you make such a play? it simply doesn't make sense. you play so tight the whole time and take no risks and then suddenly you go donk-style and go all in with pretty much anything.

    10BB really isn't so shortstacked. look around at the table everyone had about the same stacksize, you really dont have to risk all your chips with a hand like QJ when you still have 10 BB left.

    This vid is just horrible im sorry. its supposed to learn us things, then it should be good play. I didn't see anything impressive, not a single hard call or good read.

    Some all ins weren't bad like with the A-10 suited although taking a big risk. you could easily get busted there and if you had my luck you would. but yout get pretty much the perfect flop.

    Maybe try playing a few more hands so you don't have to push all in with very average hands because you fold almost everything. And your extremely easy to bluff.

    ahwell.. hope other vids are better and actualy show some hard situations and difficult cals or hard laydowns.
  • steinek


    I am sorry for answering late. I can calm you down: I am definitely a winning player also on much higher limits and I guarantee you 100% that the shown play is good and profitable.
    I agree that it sometikes looks strange to at first fold AT and then push all in with A5 but there is a simple reason: the blinds! In the first levels there are 50 chips to win and once the pot gets big you're in danger of being behind even with a top pair once the pot gets big.
    However, in the late stages there are so many chips you can win and most of the time you just get them by pushing and therefore you don't have to rely on a good run of cards.
    I really suggest you to read the articles and watch videos and believe the better players. Your thoughts are dangerous and I guarantee you that you won't win a lot of money thinking like this.
    Good luck, anyway.
  • navigator75


    Many thanks for the video. First, at these levels tight - really tight - is definitely the way to go in early play. The PS chart is the way to go. I would love to improve my late stage play as I am getting killed on the bubble so often. Will give ICM trainer a go and see if this helps my play. I find myself struggling at this latter stage as I suspect I am playing way too tight against the blinds. Anyway, I believe I learnt something important to assist my play so many thanks for your efforts. GL.
  • IustiNN


    the sound is too bad :(
  • IustiNN


    but it was helpful :D
  • Protagoras


    very nice video, thanks!
  • Asaf92


    You keep raising AJ from MP.
    The SHC says that you should only raise AJ from late position. Do you say we should deviate from the SHC with this exception?
  • Darkheart80


    Very good video. You could do something and higher limits ... 2.25 I think would be more useful.
    In minute 26, then push with Q, 7 I found a mistake and not really understand it, but otherwise you play very good and explain very well.
  • Trbst


    Hi Steinek,

    On minute 09:10 on bottom left you raised AJo from MP2.

    Normally, as per charts, that play isn't recommended. Is the fact that everyone folded to you, + you have a read players are tight the reason for you raising that hand ? Maybe it's worth a try because of that instead of folding ?

  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • Dito8


    Good video! Thx
  • nathanrenard



    It's middle Phase from middle position, it's a pretty standard play.


    Great video as always.
  • martoman2k10


    Solid video, liked the HU pushes on the last tournament
  • milansta


    Video is ok, but sound is teriblle, i cant hear him almost anything..
  • BigAl123456


    Can somebody please fix audio qulity... got it on full and can bearley here its.

  • LetsGambleBaby


    first hand T8, why do you check/fold. I think you have often the best hand and know you checkt and somebody bet you have to fold, so maybe its also a option to just bet out and bet like 80 or so? they often have small pocket pairs etc...which they limp and now have to fold against your bet, right?

    What would you do if there where only 1 opponent?
  • LetsGambleBaby


    on 05:20 you bet 170 in 300 pot, the board is not drawy, so isnt it cheaper to just bet like between 40 and 50%?
  • Pnnkaznk


    Great video. Thanks.

    #16 obviously have no clue about SNG.
  • ferko35


    Good video, good explanations, however i still think that the (top left table) 16:15, push with A5o against 2 players was a mistake, i would personally rasie (2-2.5BB)-enough to get them of bad hands, but fold to resistance... otherwise good poker from you.