NL $10 SH Session Review

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  • Shorthanded
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Hasenbraten presents another session review on roomPoker. This time he looks at 4 tables without stats and explains to you the important aspects of playing without stats.


Session Review

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  • RacoonCity


    Playing NoLimit is like driving a car with no brakes, playing FixidLimit is like driving a car with no tires!

    So which one to drive?

    Very agressive play that pays well sometimes but firesback as well. The question is whether its the right strategy in the long run. I think it maybe if you thighten up your opening range a little bit and by becoming more disciplined especially folding when you think you have your hand beaten.
  • Suoaasi


    Small goof in 13:20.

    It stays zoomed to bottom right table while hasenbraten talks about what happens in top left table.
  • Zemnieks11


    Nice read with AK against second re-raise! About AQs hand i think him betting 3/4 out of pos has to have better that second pair...i would put him on KT, maybe 66 so i think that was an easy fold.
  • shotalick


    i dont agree with that preflop folding AKo from SB, when he min raise you from BB. I will push him AI...maybe he can min 3bet you with AJ, AQ, AT, depends that he is loose. When he shows you KJo in SB (and he was 3bet again), when you have AK.

    nice video, thank you
  • kemzone


    ty good video)
  • irregularity


    @ Shotalick
    I think the first fold is OK, Hasenbratem said that he didn't know much about the villain and hadn't seen him step out of line. Obviously, this hand makes the shove on the next hand a no-brainer.

    I agree with Hasenbraten, if you have no information, a cold 4-bet is pretty scary.
  • kelner910


    and allso call 4bet OOP- never!!! bether fold in first hand with AK