SnG $22/$33 FR Live Video

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22 - $33
  • Fullring
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Live Video

Comments (12)

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  • Atoks


    The video and picture are not in sync after the 12th minute!
  • Atoks


    Lol I meant to say the video and audio aren't in sync...
  • Atoks


    Ummm... audio and video aren't in sync lol ...
  • wormboy77


    It's ok he is just talking about a table that is not on the screen. And your HUD tilted the crap out of me. How can you play like that? :F
  • jazinis


  • swissmoumout


    i like your mod, where did you get it?
  • bibersuperstar


    Very nice vid! I liked playing 4 tables and having some in the line, so the early blinds were dodged and there was always action. Morepver,i like the live vids more than the session reviews cuz of the action :)
  • ritschy22


    five ... hea ...-easy ;) Yeah suck it back love sng
    Unam 4 germany
  • ritschy22


    @ Unam the best live SnG Coach i have ever seen!
  • exe203


    weraientz :D

    nice video as always. <3
  • Luupainaja


    22:13 you could push 76s in upperleft imo.

    Nice video, thanks.
  • Luupainaja


    * i meant upperright.