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A tournament can be both an exciting a scary experience. If you don’t have good bank roll management and indeed don’t management yourself it could end up costing you a lot more than you want to spend! This video lays out some fundamental rules for playing in a Sit and Go Tournaments.


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    LOVE THE SPEED! good job!
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    thank you for this video :)
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    good video
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    Thank you so much for this video. Knowing about how to play in early/middle/late phases will help me much. Thanks again.
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    Excellent ! Thankyou
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    I can't view these videos?
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    You need a Flash Player in your browser. Good Video!
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    great video, thanks
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    Tnx for this vid,had never given any real thought to BRM!
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    This is just Awesome!!
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    the bankroll management concept is is great.
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    Thank you, I am very pleased you are all enjoying this video
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    Very interesting ...Thank You
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    thanks for the video...
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    Any chance of subtitle? :D
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    Good Video, Thank You.
  • Lakanen


    Man watching this i realize i am playing like a moron.


    very detailed on the 3 tournament stages
  • Shootfun123


    very good ,but not to me,basic things
  • memiie


    tks a lot
  • TomBot980

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    Just make more of these :D!
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    Great instruction on 'proper' bank roll management, Thx.
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    that´s my problem...
  • IskaRex


    The bankroll management part needs repetition..
  • invictus11


    Много полезно видео.
  • Terra82


    excellent video, didnt drag on. perfect


    yes i needed this info now i can learn more about how two win some of these tournaments. i've played in, not know the three phase's hurt me a lot.