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  • whiteheron


    wdf is timing out.. you clearly dont have a clue about poker .. all you gotta do is watch him play and try understanding his reasoning behind his plays... maybe you wont even agree.. but i doubt it :) GREAT VIDEO.. i ve seen so many but this one i gotta agree stands out..great plays Blade .. keep it up !
  • ro1chwvd


    Give him a break... a time-out here and there isn't important in an educational video. There were some interesting spots and I can say I have learnt something from this.
  • Hamari


    I think this video is a bit too short. These vidz should last at least 45 minutes. Moreover, I'd love to see more from the zzzzzz-guy on the left bottom table ;-)
  • krason


    you shouldnt play more then 1 table d00d
  • AssadKamran91


    would be a great vid if u didn't timed out man. i just watched 5min then i got so tilted that i couldn't play poker for a week so.. Next time pls don't time out. u can still explain when the hand is over. PS has last hand review so u should use that.
  • TerrorBlade


    Woah, I should read these comments more often.

    Sorry about all the timeouts, I think I'll go with session review next time guys both to avoid timing out and giving more time for explanation :D
  • Merc190E


    have to agree to #1. you say you play more hands for the sake of education and time out so often. you'd maybe better reduce the number of tables and stop timing out ^^
  • pokergod21


    terrible video,he timed out every 2nd hand
  • Flaksgris


    This really wasnt useful for me. I miss stop in the hands, and reasoning the board and what the other players could have.
  • miraculix250


    its really tilts me how you timeout permanently.... really that hard to make a decision, and THEN explain it instead of timing out every 2nd hand
    besides that the vid is ok