SnG $27 - $209 FR Live Video

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  • SNG
  • $27 - $215
  • Fullring
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Comments (30)

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  • KrZZa


  • mnl1337


    kind of boring on these donky levels :/

    i really hate the 22 hand you call on setvalue. that must be really -ev in my opinion.
  • 066


    that was pretty funny:)
  • mbml


    liked the headsup games
  • neolt1983LT


    nice video!!
  • wosinddiehirsche


    it seems that over 50% of utg limps (at blinds 100+) are monster and you pay them all out.
  • Tightisright


    hey you learned speaking slower that I could understand you pretty well this time. Keep going this way in your vids.
  • AssadKamran91


    nice vid man :)
    liked that it was live
  • JayGatsby


    whats that "give illusion of Fold Equity" document on your Desktop, sounds interesting^^
  • JonathanLittle


    I am working on a book, which may or may not ever come out. That is the chapter I am working on now.
  • Njeng


    very nice video! good idea to start some HU SNGs, when you unfortunately busted out of most of the 9handed tables. i also like it alot, that you mention many psychological aspects of the game in your videos (like not to affront fishes because they made a bad play to satisfy your own big ego).

    @#2: If its the hand at min 17:45, where he calls 150 with 1,5k stack vs 2 superfishy opponents from the SB then i am pretty sure the postflop implieds really make up for this call, though it might not be a +++EV move as 150 chips are 10% of your stack i am pretty sure its not a -EV situation. I guess on higher stakes you can/should really find a fold here given you have reasonable opponents.

    finally a gold content video from the renowned Jonathan Little! =) =) =)
    looking forward to see more!!!
  • alejandrosh


    nice. love live videos, we never se the coach losing with the replayer :D

    running bad in this session , huh?
  • xkinghighx


    i pretty like the way youre talking about poker. always nice to watch your vids.
  • neolt1983LT


    nice video !!
  • Chillkroete


    it would be great if you would make a video of 18man sngs, the 60$ 18mans would be great.
    and i like ur HU sngs, would be great if there would be more =)
  • Shujee


    Hello, nice vid and thanks for your work. Got a couple of questions:

    - 8:50 I didn't really get it, are you limping to get raised and call it or what? Wasn't a FI raise better, even if standard?
    - 21:00 Wasn't the A6s Utg push a little bit too much? Any particular reason for it?
  • r0ybaer


    if you want to look up a player you dont have to type his nick in the searchfield, you just copy and paste his nick from the playersnote ;-)
  • Frenchie


    Nice Vid, learned something, even found a leak of mine by analyzing your hands via Wiz...

    But one thing I have to mention:
    Its really hard, that you thought in min 39 about calling 44... Even assuming, that CO pushes anytwo and the blinds just call KK+ its about -2%...

    I just saying that here because I always could start crying, when I get those bubblecalls with some small pocket...
  • Maverick747


    why raise limps on a multi-table tournament but not in a sng?
  • 1Xarlam1


    JonathanLittle, how many games and what ROI you have on your limits ???
  • sirilidion


    wow, I love this video so much. I have not seen many coaches play hands like the A10s and just check behind. do I get it right you do this to get more equity after the flop instead of picking up a small pot?

    About the 98s hand is that something only to do against regulars because I don't see it profitable against players that don't pay attention to you.

    Also could you maybe do a 6-max SnG video some time I really like to see how you adjust you're game from fr to sh in SnG's. Also losing the SnG doesn't make it a bad video don't think so result oriated ;)
  • Flopper8


    Another good video wee man ;)
    Not sure about the K8o hand tho (br - 21st minute) against limped shorty in ep and limp of 2 others - as tempting as the dead money was im not sure your hand is good enough the majority of the times u shove it there. I think the shorty alone prob always calling here so i think u could have waited for a better spot?
  • Tim64


    I agree on the 98s hand. Calling isn't a huge mistake but I think you need to know your opponents are taking note for it to be effective. Otherwise you're just getting it in with worse for no resultant increase in future FE for your steals. But it's important to discuss plays such as these since ABC poker can only take you so far, I guess...
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Keep on the good work!
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Also I got to say I prefer the replayer vids. The Reason for that is, that interesting hand are handled in much deeper details and you also pick em upfront! So the replayer Vids containing far more content!
  • hypertyper


    Another really good video. It's impressive how calm you are and how much good advice you get across regardless of the hands you are playing.
  • TrufflePig


    "You don't really want to get called when you're pushing with J9, but you know, even if you do get called it's not the end of the world usually..." Does that mean sometimes it is?
  • TrufflePig


  • sojowyjarz



    When someone shows you AA then it is ;)

    btw - nice tilt with this HU :)
  • TheGodliker


    nice Video