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  • skas


    Be polite ))))))))))
  • z4tz


    Only me missing a bit on the end of the video?
  • steIIstuI


    nice wallpaper :p
  • aaalbinoo


    how its ending ? you won or no?
  • barth3z


    He finished 2nd
  • bl4ze88


    not your coinflipday ;P
  • afhaalchinee


    I miss the end of the last table (it goes to your 93 offsuit)
  • bakoy


    missing a bit at the end!
  • pokermum69


    I miss it too, could you complete it please?
  • Merc190E


    just for Unam to know .. 'serves you right' is a common phrase in English, too ^^
  • RacoonCity


    Good play, but not much luck!
  • barrelhead


    Nice video. Did you win the last SnG? :-)
  • MaCe90


    Good video! Being of real help :D
  • Tjoeny


    Miss it too but still a nice video! Thanks Unam!
  • mistaCrono


    You dont know how much you helped me with this video.
  • Sinnology


    Just watched this one.
  • LiquidCity


    How did it end!?
  • sharky92


    Why you don't finished the movie ? stoped suddenly.
  • SuperTadas


    Table captain lol funny stuff. Thx for the video it was nice :)
  • antonin87


    i loved: what the hell is wrong here??going broke with sevens..had to lauhgt:DD
    and how fast were the blinds??was it turbo(3mins) or speed(5mins), i think unam didnt mention it.
    and i loved captain of the table was funny too
  • METALzx


    at stars turbo = 5mins
  • Hahaownedlolz


    This is great.. i don't even play single table sng's and i watched it because it's so entertaining to hear him comment lol.
  • Neandertaler


    @34 min:
    I'd like to explain the K8 call:

    First of all: We have a K and an 8. That makes the hand very valueable as it's in the category 2nd nuts from highcardvalue. So that's good!

    Second we have two cards that can never work together with making a straight - so in fact now we have 2 chances to make a straight! That's good.

    We have a King - that reduces the chance we are up against AK, KK, KQ etc. Another big plus in the hand.

    Biggest Point: We're suited, so it's an instacall no matter what and we can forget the above considerations.
  • JMSanchez99


    I don't really like your style, I think is way to loose for this levels, I am sure it works at your usual levels but for here I think you are playing just too loose,I will like to recommend the people who whatched this to look up for Danport_sp, It is in spanish, but the startegy that he use is way more profitable for this levels.

    Ty for the vid anyways...
  • lordoog