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Live Video Starting hand chart

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  • urmo1


    where i can get this starting hands table ?
  • MiddleMan


    Great video for starters. Thx Cornholio!
  • SinRevolver


    Hey urmo1, you can find it in the Strategy articles.
  • Romage


    Cornholio, W time 17:20 upper left table. The minute before u said, that in unraised pot HU we bet flop without position any 2. But know u checks.What's happen? :).
    You did the same at 34:26 button-left vs 1 player.
    I know that i'm appealing to bronze strategy articles, but you've bentioned abuot such semi bluff first.
    PS:Good video.
  • mouse89


  • ukcoolcat


    in one of the last games played you had a gutshot str8 on the flop and you said you needed odds of 10/1 to call a bet, that in fact is wrong, as you need odds of 5/1(which you were getting) if you're outs are clean and 7/1 if one of your outs are tainted.
  • Vedm


    Надо же, оказывается в «ютиджи» сидеть заметно комфортнее, чем в железном «утюге».
    Отличное произношение, так что можно считать, ещё, и как урок английского.
  • caaaadiiiii


    que wapo estaría en español
  • ertined


    Buen video si sabes ingles!!
  • palebur


    si buen video! a ver si marciano lo traduce o benido y lo cuelgan para q todos lo entiendan =)
  • IPE889


    Great video! Thanks Mate


  • Destroyer1989