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Especially in SnG´s it is important, how you evaluate your hand after the first 3 community cards also known as the flop have been dealt. This has a bearing on your whole betting round.


after flop Theory Video

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  • KidPokersKid


    Nice to see some more basic stuff
  • JesperK


    Nice video, this is for sure clearing up some stuff for me.
  • optimusprine


  • schlang


    this was really helpful! You should add the afterflop combination names to the other strategy videos :)
  • mende1980


    it's realy helping the beginers. verry nice .thank you.until now i think i knew poker.
  • kamojett


    I just watched this video again and it only lasts 3:53 and it seems like it is cut off in the middle of a sentence. Is there something wrong here?
  • CBFunk



    Hi kamojett,

    the video is fine it´s only 3:53 minutes long. Just a short introduction video for beginners
  • winmaster76


    Near the end she says you should make your bet on the flop 2-3 times the pot, instead of two thirds.
  • LGrant


    My apologies for this mistake Winmaster
  • gonoo


    When you read the article though it says the bet should be 2/3, and that's as well how it is written in the video.
  • icebn1


    nice video
  • gimusk


    So good!
  • Irish73


    Certainly useful info. Thx.