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PokerStars Session Review

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  • Psyho


    Calling with AQo would be disastrous, even against 23o. This is a horrible mistake, I can't imagine you can have a positive ROI with such mistakes.
  • J4Jc3


    nice video ;)
  • gadget51


    These are mostly fold..fold...fold...push/fold..push/fold and I can sit in a string of these and get nothing, pushing trash later hoping for fear folds. I find these are more about high blind stealing than anything else.I thought these would be easy BR builders, after all, you only have to make top 5! lol.
    Hope you make more vids so I can see how to it properly.
    P.S.I wouldn't call with AQ there either.
  • miskokvo


    Psyho... just lol... you are pretty unlucky that there is no option to erase your comment coz it is pretty stupid .... with AQ in BB there is easy call in that situation when SB or Button push... you are way against their pushing ranges (JQ,KQ,JK,KT,Ax) etc etc etc giving you more than 2-3:1 to your money PLUS they were shorter than him .. even if he loose he will still have 1k chips ... IMO there were no mistakes and well playd.. cee ya
  • Psyho


    Do you have even a basic understanding of ICM? It's DON not a standard SNG.

    Pls, run that in SNGWiz with 100% range and see the results - your EV drops down significantly. And after being crippled you're chance is actually a bit less (than reported in SNGWiz) since you have no FE and you're on a SB next.

    And video is pretty crappy - it doesn't really have any educational value. I really dislike that almost every video has a rating of 4+ while there's a huge difference between them in terms of quality and usefulness.
  • Jaroz007


    @ Psyho: The AQ hand (please say the min. next time) is actually pretty interesting.
    I think that its a crappy spot, because even when SB pushes any2 we are running with <70% equity.

    In retrospect I would agree that its a fold on the bubble, probably only call JJ+ here.

    And also it's a 10$ Video, so there will be no advanced plays.
    what content did you expect and why is it crappy?

    And one more thing:
    ICM trainer is not simulating future game, so it doesnt include how fast we blind out on the bubble if we keep folding and never take any spots which may be slightly -EV.
    I don't use ICM trainer and most solid regs on the DoNs agree that it's not good for DoN bubble situations.
  • miskokvo


    poker is not just about ICM and math ... you will understand that later on hopefuly ... no way on folding AQ there especialy on 10-11$ sng ...
  • miskokvo


    btw his M was 4... there was 4 players with 2000chips ... do you realy want to WAIT to better spot(hand) than AQ ... i dont think so
  • thomster87


    AKs: I bet the flop a little bit stronger and push the turn. But wimpie is a fish and he maybe folds if we push the turn, but calls a normal bet.

    TT: i raise to 2,5BB as u said, but maybe an minraise looks even stronger than a normal raise from the chipleader.

    QJo: It´s an open fold for me with our stack. Minraise/fold u can also play with any2.

    Q9s: I´m not a friend of minraises, but it seems to work.

    AK: nh

    AQ: It´s also a fold for me. Even against any2 its a fold, AQo vs a random hand has 64 percent equity but i think at this our chance to get itm is even higher. And u got some walks before, so i dont imagine, that they are pushing any2.

    PS: Hau mich einfach im skype an, wenn du kurz was dazu sagen möchtest;)

    Bis dann.
  • Jaroz007


    edit: I would also probably call AK in this spot and AQ is really not that bad.
    because even if its slightly -EV thew call is good for your image and people will not push any2 in the future into you from bu and sb.
  • miskokvo


    :) folding AQ there will anger poker gods and bring you doomwsing for 2 weeks IMO :)
  • miskokvo


    but if you think more about this hand you must realize:

    SB/BB giving few walks to Hero...

    if they push ..they will push with better hands with mostly consist of:

    ... so many hands with has AQ dominated 70:30

    if they give as wolk they will fold trash hands like 75s,98,T8s etetc...

    giving you range of ~30% with they will probably push and you have ~20% of their range deadly dominated ...7% range is coinflips ... 2% is 30:70 (AKs/o),KK,QQ and last 1% is AA

    you are crushing this range ... i cant use it right now in soft calculating equity coz im playing but i will do it later .. and im 100% sure that you are in front of this range ... and if it is DON or not this is not argument coz Hero was no chip leader... there were 4 guys with approx same stack so he should make a move...

    that is my opinion sry for bad english

  • Psyho



    Thanks for replying.

    About the hand:
    Of course ICM is not telling the full truth, but it's not far from reality, since either you win or you lose and are severely crippled, and the next position is SB. Sure that ICM gives extremely lowered values for stacks <1BB, especially if there are antes...

    But then again, you're forgetting that you have a big edge over your opponents (especially since that they should push much more). Good opponent would push any2 into you from SB, assuming that he knows you understand basics.

    I don't understand the argument for the image - that would be only true if you're playing againt regulars to show them that you can make loose calls which you shouldn't do. So essentially you want to make a decision which costs you around 10-15% of buy-in to make some future profit? I can't really comment it, since I guess it requires a really deep knowledge about the opponents on those stakes.

    About the "crappiness" of video:

    What I meant is that you didn't tried to explain too much about what you're doing there, i.e. I always want to see why someone made some decisions and what are the alternatives. You could also say some general ideas about playing DONs. You haven't said almost anything about your opponents, which I believe is extremely important in DONs, since you need to know calling ranges of your opponents and it differs a lot (you definitely don't want to push into someone who will call you just because he has AQo and don't want to anger poker gods :]).

    It's not about range, since you need around 70%+ chance of winning to make it profitable play, or maybe even more if you take into account that hero is _much_ better than opponents and has a good position since it seems players behind him are not pushing as often as they should. And "no way on folding AQ there especialy on 10-11$ sng" made me laugh :) You have to accept that it's not that uncommon in sattelites that you have to fold AA preflop :)

    I hope I didn't sound too harsh, since that wasn't my intention :)
  • 013paul


    It's not in the topic, but this is a DON (double or nothing) video.

    Also this one is uploaded twice, this is the same video:
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!