NL $5 FR Session Review

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Session Review

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  • k0praonu


    It's kind of comforting to see that even the best can run bad from time to time.

    Also, I played a few hands with you on PP NL5, too bad I didn't make it to this vid. :)
  • ThisRiverIsWild


    Thats definitely definitely.
  • VitorNutzz


    Very nice!!
    Congrats, its a great video!!
  • aiilec


    Good video, very well explained.
  • painterman007


    "Fack you, im going all in!"
  • STR82ACE


    The J10o hand...with the re raise behind your bet w/ 2pr...would a fold to his allin be that wrong?
  • justmario666


    Thanks for excellent tutorial. It really shows the light at the end of the tunnel of every beginner.
    As you said JTo from middle position is not a comfortable stealing idea, what we could see a bit later.
    SHC shows rise from late positions only.
    Anyway lesson was cool :-)
    Can we have some more ?
  • F117


    Nice vid. Like to watch these vids in english and german, although i'm german.
    Hasenbraten ist bisher der beste NL coach und erklärt die Sachlage sehr klar. Weiter so!

    Und bitte lasst aus den content-videos die deutschen 'Fachbegriffe'!
    Kein Mensch möchte was vom Überpaar hören, genausowenig wie jemand Angie leichtbekleidet auf ner MissGer Wahl sehen möchte. Ich weiß das passt hier gar nicht hin aber vielleicht leitet es ja jemand weiter ^^
  • CBFunk



    we already noticed that our coaches used German terms in English videos before but it shouldn´t happen again.

    Btw Angie is kind of our Miss Germany:)
  • Sinnology


    Nice video.Some nice insights and explanation.
    Thx a lot