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How you play before the flop in a SnG Tournament will affect your entire game, so it´s very important to know, what kind of hands you should play or not.


preflop Theory Video

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  • Daimodas


    Nice one.. Very usefull for begginer!
  • Polenar


    The best site for poker players... beginners and advice players!
  • broodlapin


    thank you
  • optimusprine


    Good video
  • campuz


    thanks! this helps a lot!
  • MadMagpie999


    very helpful. thanx
  • Renchixx


    this helps
  • EdwinTillotson


    Thank you
  • plencas


    These articles are wonderful. Always there is some space to improve yourself. I quadripled my bankroll in two weeks, using your advices (sadly, that half of it i lost thinking I'm the best poker player in the world:) ) anyway, everything in this website helps. and I mean it, EVERYTHING
  • thewheel51


  • chingolo1980


    en español por favor .. en que año estamos ?? no puede ser que todavia sigan monopolizando todo.. en español por favor
  • Borsh47


    chingolo1980 esto nunca se va a acabar el ingles es un idioma universal, either you learn english or youll miss lots of stuff
  • jessewest


    fold pocket tens?
    this is only really helpful if youre playing against good players, its just that 90% of players dont follow these rules and bet with garbage hands
  • JonnyJr555


    The videos at pokerstrategy are the best for improving online poker to professional standard

    Thanks To Lisa G. :)
  • spazlar


    u know the shove technique is good but at the same time u can always stopngo with a limp see a flop then shove no matter what,
  • SpeJu


    I think the raising size is too big, now players mostly raise from 2bb to 2,5bb, rarely 3bb, I mean if no players limp/raise behide you ;)
  • Canada2ibiza


    I like the part when the lady says you can go all-in with a pair of Aces :P... great video for beginners though. Thanks!
  • boydemkiller


    very informative
  • victoriussecret


    learnt a lot...thank you very much
  • akdx69


    Thanks, i was never sure about how much 2 raise in tourney play.


    fucking god
  • MattFesta


    your saying fold like middle pairs ie pocket fours in middle position if someone has raised well surely not because at an early stage of a tournament you have lots of BB and if you catch a 4 on the flop you can make massive hands go bust
  • Dichael1234


    Very useful


    very detailed and helpful.
  • howwwww


    god video!
  • pirania111


    it's my 1st comment ;)
    and first steps in poker world.
  • SolidPoker92


    The problem with this, (like some one mentioned earlier) is that the majority of players that play at low level tournaments of $1 buy in etc, will not play anywhere near to the level that tutorial is teaching :/

    In truth, to apply these rules, you need to be playing in high stake tournaments. But a very informative presentation none the less. You just need to hope a lot of people watch it and improve their game even at low stake tournaments.
  • nimid


    thank you
  • Zinger71


    Very informative video. Too bad most low limit players don't follow this strategy. It's all in with Ace rag or any pair regardless of position. In the long run however, if you follow this strategy you should be able to build your bankroll. Just be patient.
  • alexDaman


    this site is BS
  • alexDaman


    in fact its not BS it will just generate more passive fishes I don't think folding AQ because youre in early postion with no raise before you is a good idea.
  • mrtonydji


    very helpful
  • TomBot980

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  • Irish73


    Useful information, and a solid foundation for beginners, it gives them a systematic approach to the game, and a basic system to start.
  • nicol988


    really good video good explaining ...
    fantastic job man
  • invictus11


    Много полезно видео.