MTT $22-$2,100 Live Video - Part II

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $26 - $2100
  • Fullring
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2100$series Live Video PokerStars series

Comments (20)

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  • karlo123


  • maxlukas83


  • kingpowl


    irgendwie lädt das ding nich
  • Bjoerniboy


    cant! mttler never gets diamond!
  • Jakoebchen


    I am huge fan of live videos, but I got to say, when it comes to MTT videos, I think reviews are better because there is so much idle time... :(
  • alejandrosh


    damn, had lunch and went I came back it got changed to diamond :(
  • paradoxpoker


    was a nice video :)
  • GranCanario


    man man man
  • maxlukas83


    erst platin - jetzt diamond? - naja ich konnts ja noch gucken!
  • Danhel


    nice vid, because I could watch it, when it was platin ;)
  • ihufa


    mwahahaha im diamond soon
  • OrcaAoc


    Sagt mal was soll das wenn der erste Teil für Platin released wird dann den zweiten für Diamond rauszugeben ?
  • gape0000


    Whats the deal? At least leave it at platinum for a while so that some of us that watched the first part can watch the rest of it.
  • CLempert2


    ich konnts nicht mehr zu ende gucken, schade, der erste teil war gut
  • Laccyby


    ist das lächerlich mit dem status hin und her geswitche
  • UrielSeptim


    Was soll das geswitche? Wurde letzte Woche falsch releast, oder ist Jonathan beim $22er gebustet?
  • mnl1337


    the sound is delayed like 10s. that realy sucks.
  • Dippy19


    The first part was platinum, why the hell is this one diamond!?!
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Good Video, not quite sure about the QQ hand, think u took a bit too little time of consdering his exact range that he would play this line with. Would like it if u could talk about that more in the next video, but I def got sth out of this, especially liked the keep fit part :D.
  • Rolo23


    i disagress about the 88-hand, i think that the other player is rarely folding in that spot with his stacksize and is in fact often trapping like he did here