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  • Preaver


    Damn, I went astray. :-D
  • helemaalnicks


    plz look @ the english board, I posted a hand I wanted to discuss.
  • miskokvo


    program used to show stats? ... i have elephant but didnt work on mansion
  • Aiko85


    y a moyen de mettre + fort ??
    c'est bizarre sur sharkscope : thenose86 a joué - de 100 sng. c'est un compte special vidéo et il joue ailleurs d'habitude ?
  • DrNikom


    Oui, je me suis posé la même question...
  • vicenzo35


    la vidéo coupe avant le HU final c'est dommage....
  • Tim64


    The hand where you pushed Q2o vs the SB open raise on the bubble is interesting. You pushed for FE alone since when called by the SB you're toast. I think you overestimate the FE you have here. His call with 33 is, as you said, superbad. But I don't think you can assume he will fold so much of the range he raises with. He knows he has to fold most hands vs your push and so If I were him I wouldn't be raising hands I wasn't prepared to go broke with against you.
  • optimusprine


  • Garadok13


    Maku ei minua kilpailujen taso, mutta varma lyhyessä ajassa olen hänen valloittaa
  • jmm88


    Nice video, interesting hand Q2o, i got the point that he cant call w much, but if he able to call w 33, now its a mistake.