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  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Comments (16)

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  • mitsopanis


    Very good video Hasenbraten.
    Badly folded 4's set happened to me also once to fold K's set by mistake when i get reraised.
    My question is why you dont use Tracking program? Mainly you use or just happened to this video?
  • AugustusCaesar


    Well I enjoyed the live video much much more then the session reviews .. All my respect to you actually you are able to play , comment and watch the guys at once .. You are just great :-)
  • MaikelMF


    does it really make a difference betting 3BB instead of 4BB from the button?

    did you want to make steals cheaper? and would you advise pokerstrategy-members to play the same or just 4 BB from every position?
  • hasenbraten


    atm id recommend raising 3 firstin from the BU and 4 from everywhere else
    normally i use a tracker just not on that day
    ty @ augustus :)

    id love to see some more comments onto the fact this is live!
  • budzior


    hasen when you fold sets of fours i just remind your openshoving for almost full stack on the flop with gutshot and instant raise also with gutshot. :) The best hand ever!

    i prefer session review but all your videos are simply the best!

  • Raindance86


    Min. 35 the QQ Hand: I was like either he's super lvling me with KK+ or he just gets fancy with AK,JJ,QQ sometimes maybe even worse (as seen). But oh well afterwards your often smarter and I don't know if it's worth it going fancy with QQ as well but I would have liked looking his AK/JJ up with my QQ. :P

    Either way I really liked the Video. Guess I gotta rewatch it because there's alot of content in. Ty :>
  • SheepMoose


    Really like the video hasenbraten. Especially the fact that you played it live and on stars!

    I like watching live vids as people can give their exact thought processes at the exact moment, and you did it very well. Keep it up!
  • N1koLka


    Thx for a video...that was very interesting, you play really strong LAG-style.
  • OnWaVo


    just seen it, loved it. I really liked the live element and of course the humor w the 44 :)
  • Zemnieks11


    I like session review but live video is just better to wacth how you play live and to get see more hands with simple and fast explanitions about them.
  • masticore777


    good video!
    and check-fold with a set made me lol as well =)
  • RottPete


    Great video. Vocal was perfect. Was easy to watch and understand :)
  • hardo


    Super i really enjoyed!The 44 hand made me lol but the last hand with the AT when you timed out was much fun to watch!
    Thx for the video!
  • Zakumii


    The QQ hand I was hoping you would 6bet shove him, I felt he tanked too long for him to have a very strong hand, as he obviously had a decision to make as your 4bet came accross so strong. When he min raised you I was expecting him to have 1010 up to AQs, if he had AK I thought he would have 5 bet you much quicker and to a higher amount. UL but still I liked your thought process! :)
  • Zakumii


    Also talk about running good!! :) You turned 80% of your PP's into sets on the flop! I was like wow, give me some of your luck! :P Nice video, and I liked that you did it without your HUD and it made no difference to you, I think its good to not rely on it all the time! Thank you for taking the time to make it :)
  • mesisification


    What's the point of 4bet/folding a hand like QQ? Aren't you basically turning your hand into a bluff? Villain is never calling unless he's an idiot or he is slowing AA or something (rare case).