SnG $114 & MTT $448 Session Review

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PokerStars Session Review

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  • karlo123


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen!
  • kingVoklee


    danke :P
  • Addicted2Aces


    what did the guys in 4 min 4 have ?
  • Felix001


  • OrcaAoc


    Pretty interesting video. I like you commented on the spots where you werent involved in the hand because its always pretty hard for me to interpret what donkey plays mean. I have questions for two hands. First hand is about 17 minutes in the Video in the 100/200 blind level. You got something like 13 or 14 Big Blinds and open raise AQo to 500. Whats the advantage from opening here instead of pushing ? I mean its pretty clear that you arent going anywhere if pushed on, however you might invite someone to push against you with a small pair and I cant imagine why that would be profitabel. The second hand I have a question for is the A2 in the Headsup . At the point it occured you knew that your opponents range is pretty wide like at least 70%. Against that kind of range you have something like a coinflip most likley, with Blinds already that large I expected a call for sure so im confused you did fold.
  • Anssi


    Folding that A2 seems really wrong there.
  • DieWilde13


    warum versucht er eigentlich nicht mal ein bisschen schneller zu sprechen ?


    I agree. Only tight playing is also useless with these blinds at the begin.
  • ChrisSchmu


    Great video :)
  • Puscherbilbo


    VID ist falsch eingeordnet. Hier wird ein STT + ein Super-Turbo-Qualifier für ein MTT (1 Seat) analysiert.
    Kein High-Stakes-MTT
  • Puscherbilbo


    VID should be in the SNG-section. First one is a normal STT, later one is a Super-Turbo-Quaifier for an MTT.
  • CBFunk


    Thank you, fixed