FL $0.25/$0.50 FR Live Video

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  • FixUpLookSharrp


    dude iv played with you at 50nl on stars
  • gadget51


    That was very nice. I wish I could put these people on hands even a little like you do. :)
    I like the situations where you have to think a bit, they are more common than hands that play themselves and I learn a lot, even though I'm finding the level hard to beat. tyvm.
  • emotv


    I am in this this everyday once i saw him and say hi....
  • TerrorBlade


    I'm glad you guys liked the video, I have played like 2k hands on NL50 @ stars so you very well might have seen me there :P

    I'm gonna release more videos in a session review format at this level later on.
  • JuiceQuadre


    funk harry potta geek fuah lucky terror BAD

    :D killed me
  • LePokerMonster


    where are your coachings terrorblade? I started to play FL again and first thing i noticed-there are no coachings with terrorblade! wtf?
  • IcMean


    Very nice video, I like your style :P
  • kszpd


    Tilt blocker HAHH!Nice!
  • Kahanek