MTT $27 Session Review

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PokerStars Session Review

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  • kreuzberger


  • pohlente


    ich liebe seinen akzent :)
  • Whatafreak


    #3 yehaa
  • itsjustjost


    erster erster erster
  • kingofACES08


    AJ "we have to play"
    is AJo_utg with 14bb a must play??
    what cards will pay out?

    u just say ur cards are good/bad ,good spot/bad spot

    u might explain Q3o is no push because of domination/ no huge FE / better spots

    u r sooo standard just cann t learn ANYthing fron ur teaching-style
  • mnl1337


    i definitely dont like the potcontrol play with the flopped straight 2nd hand against that most likely donk. he seems pretty loose, so you lost much value against flushdraws Kx and Qx hands. river is obv an easy fold.
    but nice as ever
  • pokertimbo


    what a joke the 9T hand!!!

    bet the turn man! He might have a full house, but this guy has such a wide range! you want your stack in.
  • Awesomeness



    yea, that checkbehind is kinda tilting me as well. Easy bet/call against the fisch. Value/protection>>>potcontrol in this spot.

    The line(postflop) would make sense against a regular, but it's pretty bad against someone who would probably go broke with Kx/Qx/random stuff.
  • miskokvo


    well played... little variance heavy but with higher profit in long run..
  • miskokvo


    T9 joke? i dont think so ... everybody can be general after war... he has no reads on him before coz he's not playing those limits+more important "pot control" .. try to read something about "pot control" and then argument with "you want your stack in"...

    anyway .. with T9 str8 after river there is no real hands that he can beat after owerbet.. there are flush,higher str8,full house... most of time players on those limits walue beting high with river made nuts/close to nuts... and he just cant beat those hands and risking more than half stack is nonsene with still 1200chips behind
  • JonathanLittle


    I am sticking with my play on the T9 hand. If this was a $3 mtt sng, I would be much more prone to getting it in on the turn. Really though, when you have a hand that is just ok, and T9 on KQTQ is really just an ok hand, you want to get to the showdown. Obviously once the river calls, it is a fairly no briner fold.
  • tatyana85


    good 1
  • liljaybe86


  • cromicron


    Never Potcontrol a str8 in a donkament like this!
  • Naftunator


    Don´t really understand the KK raise with the limper in min 18:40. I´d always push here. This guy has 10BB. Don´t really know why you call the flop on an AJQ Board. I think you´re alway beat here. On this donk level, guy always limp with Ax when thy normally are in push or fold mode. So don´t understand the call on the flop. The only othe hand he could have in my opinion is a small pair and that wouldn´t donk bet here.
  • Rolo23


    i think some of your pushes were way too loose, but actually to be able to discuss that, one has to know about how many players actually take part in this tourney and how many get money and what the payout is

    so if you plan to do some review again, you might want to share these informations at the beginning of it
  • niknik88


    I dont think he is way too loose.
    Those turbo tournaments are biting your stack off with every orbit. If you dont put in your hands, you are not able to win those trnys.
  • DarkNeo1


    i would have played the 9t hand the same.
  • Dexterrrr


    i think this is a quite pointless video , it's turbo , really nothing to learn from here.. maybe the potcontrol from you but it's not always right either.. 9t would have raised on the turn to see what he does, on the river obi fold
  • dsusinov


    generally good, a bit too aggressive at the end, which not that bad, considering the antes, but all the players saw you get it in very light, which leaves you with no fold equity against mediocre hands like a2-a6off and k4-k9off that would fold more on average
  • 013paul


    I checked it with the final stacks, this was a 45-man SNG.
  • vidrata


    Very nice video in general!
    I like your style of play.

    I only didn't like the cold call K9s vs the fish, and then folding the his MB (16.52), u are getting 6x1 on a call, plus it doesn't make much sense to me to MB Ax from his point (even though he is horrible fish, i suppose he is not that retarded), plus imo he is folding to min-reraise. Horrible low stakes player like him, don't realise that min-raraise, can be a bluff, so he'll put u on Ax and if the was bluffing he is folding. Bottom line, you are risking 400 to win 1200, so you need to be successful 1 out of 3 to break even. Let me know what you think of this line?

    And I don't like the 54o push (35.21). I think you could have waited for a better spot.
  • JonathanLittle


    While there probably isnt too much to learn when it comes to fast mtts, you still need to know when to push and when to fold. I do tend to play these on the aggressive site, so I agree with those comments.

    As for the K9, I think he is going to bet the turn a lot, which will put us in bad shape. As for the miinraise, I dont ever really minraise so I dont have much experience with that although I imagine he would peel fairly wide. I guess we could then run a big bluff but I tend to shy away from big bluffs in mtts. I do think calling the flop and folding the turn might be the best line.