NL $50 SH & FR Session Review

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Session Review

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  • MisterT1989


    good one
  • Goldminer76


    Hasenbraten, do you know now who you were playing against on the top left table? "JonnyDramas" is nikonyo from Would be interesting if he was recording a video too.
    As always, I liked the video!
  • mitsopanis


    Nice vid Hasenbraten. Im fan of your playing style and those vids and analysies are always valuable.
    Waiting for next one...
  • tatyana85


    nice as always
  • smanx


    nettes video hasenbraten, hab nur einen mangel festgestellt: du spricht ein deutsches th welches einem s entspricht ;) bsp.: I (th)sink...
  • Raindance86


    08:20 Against which Range do you Vbet the Turn? I think this is pretty thin:

    54s,55,66,88,76,A2,A5,As3s sometimes overcards, most likely a hand like JT and Overcards/Ahi that turned a FD. You will be behind against slowplayed 99,44,33,JJ,TT,77 and of course 97s,T9,J9,Q9,K9,A9 and the straight (65).

    Spieler 1: 55,951% JJ-33, AsKs, AsQs, AsJs, AsTs, A9s, A5s, As3s, A2s, KsQs, KsJs, KsTs, K9s, QsJs, QsTs, Q9s, J9s+, T9s, 97s+, 76s, 65s, 54s, A9o, A5o, A2o, K9o, Q9o, J9o+, T9o, 76o, 65o
    Spieler 2: 44,049% 9c8h

    Well I guess against a halfstack it still is an okay b/broke there regarding deadmoney/odds and the chance he might be desperate shoving bare Overcards.

    River of course is a snapcall since his Range ist very polarized between complete misses (I absolutely see him shoving AQ there on any other River) and like slowplayed nutz (which he often will jam the Turn with imo) and rivered Pair/2pair and we get awesome odds (he only has to bluff us a little less than 25% of the time).

    So overall I like the play, just wanted to see if it was reasonable. :)

    16:00 I didn't know that our equity doesn't fall drmatically with this hand if we play against one or two opponents. I though you will loose lot of equity if you just call and the BB calls as well. In fact it should be only 5% difference. But don't you think that this 5% (I ran your hand against the hand you gave the shortstack and the BU with 22-TT) and the fact that we have little Implied Odds against the BU ( we hit TP he folds/peels once) but somewhat bigger Reverse Implieds against him (we hit TP he a set, we loose 1 or 2 Bets) should lead to another raise to get Heads-Up? (of course we don't expect the BU to trap us with QQ+ there) I mean we are like never gonna be able to Vbet against him.

    18:00 Pretty thin again imo. If you give him a Range of Hands like KT,KJ,QJ you also have to give him the other Broadways and against just a Range of Broadways you are a underdog (around 40%) - if you add TT-QQ you still are at 40%. The other part of his Range should be PPs and suited connectors - is he ever calling 22-99 and SCs except 98s maybe? I don't think so until I know better of him. So I really like a Flopcheck to maybe induce some bluffs and to be able to bet a little thinner 4 Value on the Turn/River - he might call PPs there or Turn a hand like 22 into a bluff later.

    Am I completely wrong?

    Well he floated obv. - but do you really think he is ever 2barreling you there? I wouldn't like a Rivercall actually because he often has a better Ax, 2Pair or the Straight when he bets.
  • hasenbraten


    Well u analised most of the hands correctly -

    16:00 BB calls? i guess u are talking about the BU calling aswell?
    If you talk about the ATshand - i actually dont see him call even closing the action very often. Even against me he just gets 1:10 and especially because i didnt 3bet he cant expect me to pay him loose-ish postflop. 4betting to get HU is still possible though, maybe better given he called 99 ^^

    18:00 u are totally right - just checking the flop very often is the better line to take in that situation!
  • vibreaza


    love you game, as always, nice vid!