NL $400 SH Live Video - Part II

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Live Video series

Comments (5)

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  • maxwi


    Great video!
  • stylus20


    great video again.
    regarding the betsizing against fish, i thought about that concept too for a while now. guess for the next couple of thousand hands i'll give it a try.
    you got any hints how i can improve my handreading-skills? i think that is one of my biggest leaks that i don't think too much ;)
  • TwiceT


    ty ty. gr8 to see u guys like the videos.

    im also just experiencing with that betsizing concept vs fish .... but i guess there might be some truth in it.

    handreading: play an amount of tables where u can easily rethink previous streets and have a look at stats maybe. too many tables kill handreading abilities a lot. and then just overthink things and decide fast. dont level yourself too often on smaller stakes. if u feel he doesnt rep too much and u know he is not vbetting thinly, then make the K high call :D but if somebody reps strength, tptk might be an easy fold. there is no simple way to improve handreading. just play many hands, and play them mindfully, not in abc-notthinkingtoomuch-style. experience > all regarding handreading i guess. so we all have to play some more hands to become mr. brunson jr. :D
  • TheLastNail


    :D nice vid sirrr, interestingly presented c/c 3x lines :) /sth to think abt vs lags oop deffo, but i think b, c/c looks weaker to the river than c/c 2x, so if confident of catching a floater i d think abt that one more prolly..

    abt the river betsizing vs fish: the fish HAS to be on passive calling station side to make such bets, there are many types of fish tho vs which this play is suboptimal..
  • 1mpr0x


    rly disliek the setup lol