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Starting as a beginner doesn’t have to be a chore but rather fun! This video takes you through the most common beginner’s mistakes and how to avoid them.


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  • MicNegruSiGras


    well i learned something here :D thanx
  • BlackNight03


    Thanks :D
  • Gadamer


    today I played short-stack strategy for the first time.. I believe my mistake (50 cents lost after about an hour and a half) was playing at too many tables (7). I think I might have made mistakes after the flop as I had little time to react..
  • Daimodas


    As a new player I knew most of this.. i AM GOOD PLAYER? :) wILL SEE... =)
  • Altzu


    My biggest mistake is calling good hand, but in mind i know i get beated.
  • Carousel69


    informative video, thx :)
  • Zemnieks11


    usefull for me too :)
  • giedrasas


    Thats true
  • Maldoneves


    Always good tips...ty!
  • schlang


    very useful!
  • RoniMizrachi


    I suggest you guys do it on FullTilt (Rush Poker) 0.5 0.10 - enter with 4dollars, make 2 dollars and go out
    very easy, and if u lose sometimes u dont feel it
  • Navrark


    Fear is a big one for me, maybe not as much the last two days playing NL, but for awhile I was paralyzed with it so much that I stuck with FL not wanting to play NL again.

    But I am back at NL and I'm taking it easy. Fear can really crush a player during a bad streak when confidence is shaken.
  • kerko13


    very good video :)
  • m4rr3co


    i don't know about your guys, but i'd realy see a photo of the girl who speaks wearing a bikini
  • m4rr3co


    ignore the last message
  • Broscatana


    Drunk ?:) Very nice article i passed this phase but every time i re listen it i learn something new.
  • dmejeras


    really helpful
  • rorschach815


    it's really usefull :-)
  • philco69


    Well after watching this video i understand some of my flaws in the game. It gave me a better understanding of some of the things i do wrong. Like staying at the table after a bad beat to try and recoup some of what i`ve lost. thanks this was really helpful
  • xkaiminshx


    Wavaviva... m4rr3co tell the truth
    good tips ;)
  • johnwayne360


    very good pity i dont no about this video two days ago
  • HasuuCraft


    SSS has been pretty successful for me so far on Rush Poker.
  • uppercut91


    The only problem I have is; making too many raises with bad hands out of position after I go on tilt. I have layed down Kings, Aces on a 10 high board when I knew I was beat but when I lose with Aces 5 out of 6 times to AQ, A6, K 10, 9'S & K 9 then I start raising and trying to steal pots with, 74, 10 6, j 5. etc.
  • pokerdiehard1990


    Poor bankroll management ..that's what i'm suffering from
  • pecinXXXXX


    good video;)
  • Richyrich66


    clear & interesting video
  • PiusHellmanns


    lol do I hear Tuff fish in the background ? :D
  • goadan


    first 5 direct my problem :)
  • IbrahimAmmar


    Read the article and now watching the Video,Got tilted by losing AQ,Against K7 as i commented the full hand details in the article,And i played too many tables,Thanks again PokerStrategy it wont happen again :)
  • Maarteen


    Thanks for these useful tips, it is always good to point these out so that we know what is important.
  • whuat


    Thanks for the good Video !!!