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  • Mendezov


    looking forward your next one,
    thanks a lot for this and the previous one.
  • Ferikl


    класное видео, нормуль обьясняет особенно про дранк пиплз :)
  • FrozenRope


    The AQ hand the player had 10-10 so you really had only 3 outs to the str8, he had FH on river.
  • FrozenRope


    Really enjoy your videos great work keep them coming.
  • Jakonda


    6.30 минута AQo левый верхний стол заколил с гатшетом ставку с одсами 7.5 к одному
  • mouse89


  • meetmichel


    Very Good ,I 've lean Much experience!!
  • CElbe


    18.min AKs, you never considered a lay down? as you said, you have the worst hand. just because the pot is big enough it allows you to call down ?
  • Garadok13


    Kiinteiden h) ja ilman taktiikkaan voit pelata. Vain kortit