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  • NL BSS
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  • pollypoker


    thanks hasenbraten!
  • carusel


    5:30 he has the nuts and just calls the opponents re-raise on the river

    wtf ?
  • mashmash


    played with you plenty m3bet, great video, especially enjoyed your isolation and steal explanations for beginners
  • Kloppy


    5:30 was really strange! I mean even if he has a Q 99% it would be +EV or is it about the rake(which maybe would be higher) ?
  • Optroot


    Yeah, there no point in re-raising because you lose 5% to rake which is a lot, so reraise would be -EV.
  • mouse89


  • BoyRobot777


    I love your videos, i really like the way you explain all the hands. i hope you made much more of this gold nuggets in other lvls where you use programs like elephant ! Thx for the effort !!
  • Tim64


    One interesting point: at about 9 mins into video in a hand where you had pkt 3s, you say that villain's check raise on Turn is not a good play because you are not often betting (you are more likely to check behind). But in fact, his check did encourage you to bet, and therefore extracted more money from you. So I'm not sure it makes sense to criticise his play in this instance ;)
  • Tim64


    Notwithstanding my comment above, this, like all your vids is excellent! So much valuable information. It's golden.
    Thanks and keep them coming!
  • MaCe90


    Great Video! I absolutely loved the way you said "PrinzFritz" , german accent rulz :D . Not to criticise but rather for fun , you got KK at one point and told us that you have K K offsuit , that cracked me up :D .

    Putting jokes aside, awesome vid, a lot to learn from it! Keep it up
  • Titangizmo


    31:55 KK off suit ;-)
    Nice one Hasenbraten.
    Good vid, too bad everybody played so slow.
  • SiXAT


    5:30 rasing is a -ev because of the rake beacasue its obvious he has the Q and he will never call a 5bet with weaker hand.
  • vektorm


    I love the KK offsuite comment - imagine when you get KK suited - what xxxx game am I playing :-))
  • DrDunne


    These videos are quite nostalgic to watch back. I remember enjoying hasenbraten's vids.