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Live Video Mansion Poker

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  • krason


    hey, i liked the vid and your style. you were running very good obv. :-)

    but i didnt get your fold at ca. min. 35

  • Ratatuj


    name the table please )

  • Jackalof


    Woow, you flopped tons of top sets, sweet :)

    Anyway, great video, me like me like, I'll try using more stats of my opponents, just like you did in this vid. Cheers :)
  • Jackalof


    Oh, and by the way (sorry for double post), in minute 47 you folded two pair on turn to a pot bet. You stated it was a 6 outer but actually it was a 9 outer (me think). If you knew it was 9 outer, would you have made the call?
  • Ratatuj


    no actually it was a trash. cause even the second J wouldn't give me top-full for example. then you should understand that my straight outs should be discounted as there were 2 flush-draws. easy fold there.
  • Jackalof


    Thanx for quick answer. I, along with many others, would love to see more videos of yours. Tak derzhat! :)
  • Ratatuj


    afair, 2 my vids should appear this week...
  • SallaMC


    Hi Ratatuj,
    I just watched your video and I have to say I didn't like it that much for a silver level.
    I.e. minute 35 you have AKQT UTG, which you limp fold in a multiway pot. If I remember correctly, there was a deathblind in there too. Limping the hand first in, is already a mistake, it should be an open raise. Folding with the great odds after your limp is an even bigger one. You say that with so many people calling the raise there won't be many more highcards left in the deck. If I look at my handhistories, I se player call raises with 2468 off suit and many worse hands rather often.
    In minute 46, you are folding KKA9 after a raise. This is a simple setvalue call. If your opponent has aces, he might use a Khigh board for a contibet, maybe even a second barrel.
    In general, you are playing many hands that can be easily dominated, like 3355ss(UTG), but you leave out hands like JJxx(UTG), whuch have topset vaue and can make you win big potts with set over set.
    Your game is also based on stats to an extent that I think rather should go into a gold video or up.
    You might well be beating this limit and higher limits because of good hand reading skills, but you will puzzle many beginners with this video.
    I hope you take my suggestions into account for the next silver level videos. Use this playing stile for PLO 100-200 gold videos.
  • Ratatuj


    yeah fold of AKQT, probably, is a mistake (I bet, Tribun would 3bet it ) )
    though I'd play the same way vs 2-3 tight opponents and don't think it's a big mistake.

    min. 46 two fish vpip 80 raised and vpip 56 called. practically I never play for a set value only. if this was at least DS hand it's value would raise significantly, I'd 3bet with it. but as it was - it was very bad vs 2.
    the same reason why I fold KK (QQ, JJ) from UTG. if it's non-suited hand - it's unplayable in the raised pot (most of the pots are raised you know). so I can't just limp-call every time cause my hand will be evident. I can't aslo raise it as it's weak and I'm oop. And if it's a good SS/DS hand with good side cards - so I just raise it.

    actually, it's only a question of style. but I recon, folding big pairs that have only a set value - is profitable.

    as for statistics - Omaha manager costs 50 bucks (low limits) so every one, who plays Omaha (pl25 at least) according to BRM rules is supposed to have it. that's why I pay much attention to it even in the silver videos. the reason is evident - you can play without statistics in ABC style very easily, but why watch videos in this case? when I personaly watch videos, I expect to see smth new for me.

    anyway, I appreciate your feedback a lot )
  • GParatte


    whih tracker do you have ? Nice video !
  • GParatte