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You are thinking about moving from the Short Stack Strategy onto the Big Stack Strategy. This video will give you information and examples of Big Stack Strategy play, when you have watched it, it’s up to you which method you like better, or perhaps you could play both!


sss Theory Video

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  • pogodon


    you gotta me in it to win it is my motto
  • SighCoSocial


    I started playing BSS and its hard to fold hands such as J,T suited but you will see your patience pay off in the long run
  • fortyozswilla


    Short stack strategy also gives you an edge when I comes to not scaring opponents, for example if there are several players at the table with big stacks, they don't have fear of losing their whole stack making a call against a short stack, so you can get more value out of a made hand pre flop if you decide to bet big, they will call the short stack more often than bige because they have less fear of losing the whole stack, worst case scenario they lose 1/4


    Прошу перевести данное видео. Спасибо заранее!
  • RASI99


  • Maarteen


    I never played SSS as these days the online rooms mostly do not allow these low buy-ins. But it can be useful in late phases of tournaments.