FL - Semi Bluffs and Pure Bluffs

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To bluff or not to bluff, that is the question….not exactly Shakespeare, but none the less a vital concept to get to grips with when playing Poker.


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  • YourDoom


    In semi-bluff example:

    Why not raise flop? I have monster draw with over 50% chance to win so inflating pot is good thing and there are 5 possible scenarios:
    1) opponent (opp) will fold.
    2) opp calls and check turn, then I raise.
    3) opp calls and raise turn, then I call if I missed and raise if I hit.
    4) opp 3-bets, I cap, he calls and checks turn, then I raise/call if missed and cap if I hit.
    5) opp 3-bets, I cap, he raise turn, then I check turn since fold equity is too low if missed and cap if hit.

    for made hands (set) and normal flush draws example is good, but imo monster draw should be played like endangered made hand that needs protection. (with possible bluff)
    Since monster draw is not common I will not give opp much read on me.
  • Ribbo


    A semi-bluff refers to times you are behind, if you have a monster draw with over 50% chance to win, you are technically ahead and not behind, so it's a value raise. :)
    I don't think a monster draw falls into the guidelines for a semi bluff (outside straight flush draw with overcards for example) as you have 21 outs to improve, which is half the deck.
  • Snakers135


    Dobrý, škoda že jsem se neučíl UK .-D to už je na titulky cz , ale v článku dost přesně vystiženo ...