SNG $2.25 FR - Live

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  • $2
  • Fullring
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  • Baekkah


    Sprache ist leider nicht in Deutsch.
    Warum foldest du bei 3.40min die Asse???
    Ansonsten wieder ein hilfreiches Video
  • PAPST10


    nice AA preflop fold
  • plumpudding2701


    funktioniert wieder nicht. this sucks
  • steinek


    I am sorry for folding the aces at 3:40. I was concentrating on the explanation concerning the bottom right table and I must have seen it as A4 or something.
  • lessthanthreee


  • lessthanthreee


    very nice video steinek! i learnt a lot from your play when you have a medium stack :) you did run pretty bad. that last A3o hand was close. :/
  • Primezipper


    ok i just watched your video. at 3:39 on the bottom left game you fold aces preflop. not really sure why. at the same time on the bottom right you had pocket sevens and i guess possibly wanted to illustrate how you would play that hand...but laying down aces, that just made me laugh.
  • Primezipper


    understandable however, under normal circumstances im sure you would manage to play both hands at once and i was eager to see how.

  • Titicamara


    nice video
  • Toluvel


    good one, thanks
  • gadget51


    didn't exactly run hot there did we steinek!? Nice to see you can laugh about it though, a good lesson to learn :)
  • Strepsilss


    3:39 fold with AA. It's a joke???
  • Sinnology


    Thx for this.
    You are becoming my favorit video coach.
  • antonin87

    #14 quite new to this poker terminology, trying to improve my play..
    can anyone tells me what means limp with 10 7 s???ty
  • steinek


    Hi antonin87,
    here you can find a glossary
    I hope, you find all the explanations you need, there. If not, don't hesitate to ask.
  • MrEnig


    Hi steinek,

    watched few of your vids already and it's time for me to comment I guess. Havent noticed that in your other videos yet but I think the pushing range was kinda a bit too loose on quite a few spots here.. yes of course sometimes it is "okay" to push, but it should be rather an exception when you have an average stack and blinds are not really high.(?) If you get called, which does not happen too rare, you find yourself on a coinflip too often to be profitable.. Will watch the vid again when I have some time though. Maybe I'll see things differently then. If not, will let you know :)

    Other than that, I really enjoy listening to someone doing such good observations. A lot to learn for all of us ;) Thank you.
  • steinek


    Hi MrEnig,
    feel free to ask some specific questions if you have any, I am checking the comments regularly.
    However, pushing with an average stack is very (!) necessary in order to keep your average stack. Everything else is just waiting for monsters and then hoping. Everybody can do that and our advantage would be a lot smaller without those pushes.
  • MrEnig


    Hell again :)

    Okay I have watched the video once again and I don’t have as many questions as I thought I will, BUT.

    3:42 your call with 77 against a Button push.. well you were quite straight forward with explaining and I do agree with your thoughts, however. Yes, Ax, where x is <7 is very likely for him, but K8 , K9 and all other stong K’s, high suited connectors and such are just as probable, I think. And having in mind (also, as you said) that he was quite tight with pushing.. I even went back to check his play on the preceding video – it is tight enough for me to fold 77 to him there. Yes it is a very close situation indeed but when it comes to coinflips, I try to avoid them if I can find a reason to fold. In that situation his stack is just a liiiitle bit to big, for me to take the risk in doubling him up.

    Next, your QQ @ 11:05. It’s a bit complicated. You have one guy who limped then another raised and got called, plus both blinds are yet to act. Too many times I’ve seen as many as 3 players all-in in situations like that, so odds for QQ to hold are a bit questionable. The only reason for pushing (that I can see) is that players often have their Ax shared in their hole cards, which gives you better odds and what works from time to time. However, it’s only the beginning of the SNG… and again, I see a reason for a fold and to wait for a better spot to throw the chips in.

    Lastly, 20:50. K9o at the button. I often attempt a steal with those. SB and BB were tight enough to make a move, I think?

    Just my thoughts.. would love to hear yours.
  • steinek


    You will get them during the next days, right now I do not have enought time.
  • 8979687


    Great Video, You really portray
    what the game is all about at these
    limits, and you show a good strong
    mental approach to it.

    For example At like 17:50 you start
    a great explanation about the overall
    expectations from this game. Solid advice and BTW you had me laughing
    with your comments, especially at the J6 FH beating your flush.

    Also on the top left, I forget what time there is a GREAT example why
    you should never limp monsters.

    EP limped KK and had it cracked by suited rags postflop.
  • pumahulk


    at 3:36 in the lower left table you folded aces :))
  • sedra


    fold AA? lol
  • Furkatpoker


    why did you fold AA on 5th minute? thought it's smth like A4?
  • Furkatpoker


    by the way, the videos are quite good, I learned a lot I think from them
  • Khayzard


    At 3:45 you fold Rockets in the bottom left screen lol
  • Darkheart80


  • Mtgfanatic


    lol 3:36 best play ever
  • MrDonk89


  • martoman2k10


    watched this and the other, previous, video. this will help me with my notetaking and middlestages play x
  • Gavron23


    Does it really not occur to anyone that the man folded aces by mistake...Is this really the most important topic from the video?
    Thnkas for the good video steinek, eager to see more of your work!
  • felippead


    Do you guys read previous comments before post yours? He explained in the post #4 why he folded Aces.
    Nice video steinek. I love your video series!!