FL $1/$2 SH - Live

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $1/$2
  • Shorthanded
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Live Video

Comments (7)

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  • iinnaattii


    nice "live" session :D
  • spriteA


    thanks for the video :)
    very interesting to see my limit and my oponents in this video.
  • elfigus


    nice video!!
  • Swist87


    I really like the way you are talking about hands, especially the c/r river with KK. Great job!
  • opabumbi


    ty guys, if you have any questions left or if you wanna discuss a hand, dont be shy ;)
  • PokerRoad


    make more soon..Excellent ..Thank you
  • woodiss


    I dont get the c/r with KK.
    U talking about busted draws, which u want to turn their hands into a bluff.
    *)The flop was rainbow.
    *) There only KQ, Q9, 98 as OESD possible.
    *)I'd rather valuebet against the one-pair holdings like Jx, Tx of his prf coldcalling range. Which r imo more likely than busted OESDs.
    *) He could be scared if he had a pair with no good kicker, and take the check behind,
    *) aren' t the fish mostly passive on the lowstakes, so that inducing a riverbet will not be successful most of the time.

    Maybe im thinking in a total wrong way, so please correct me if my assuptions r wrong.

    btw: Is the a feedback thread to this video, cuz discussing in the commentsection might be not that fruitful like in an ordinaray thread.