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  • KidPokersKid


    can u export your HUD layout and post it on the forums?
  • Ratatuj


    you can add went to SD and win SD if you want.

    for SS Omaha I want to add fold to 3bet as well.
  • Jackalof


    Thanx for HUD layout. Another great video, but I don't understand why would you fold (as you stated) double suited kings in UTG? WHY??? :)
  • Ratatuj


    where?? can't see any Kings ) plz, name the moment and the table...
  • Jackalof


    43:20 You hold KK33 single suited UTG. You fold it saying "I would even probably fold double suited kings" or something like that.
    Also, you fold KK23r at 3:06, KKT5 at 13:40 (you're in position with no raise behind you).
    Your folded kings already haunt me in my sleep ;)

    Besides that, on 12th minute you make a bet with AKQ9 on A65 flop, get a call (or two, don't remember), turn brings a 6 and you say it's a bad card and check. IMO it's great card for second barrel because most of the times opponents have a flushdraw or an ace and paired board may scare them away (you represent FH). It's just my thoughts, would like to hear your comments on that.

    On 14:50 you contibet on single suited board and get minraised, and you state something like that: "minraise means he doesn't have the nuts, maybe a jack high flush". Hmm, in my experience minraises on single suited flops usually represent strong hands, K high flushes at least. Well, maybe this is not true for higher limits, because I mostly play PLO25.

    On 19:40 very hard spot where you hit your nutflush on turn (779J double suited board if i remember correctly), bet 1/2 pot (i think) and villain raises you 2/3 pot or smth like that. You fold because you have no stats on him. Villain has 5 stacks on table (usually means he's aggresive and good at it (in my book)). My question is: how can you find out if he hit FH or not? You contibet on a paired board with a flush draw, he calls. Turn brings a flush and you bet half pot and then he raises. What is his line of thought? Did he really hit his FH or is he playing your cards, not his? I personally would insta call him and check/call the river. Even if I face a FH (did that aggresive guy really get that lucky), I get a perfect read on his style of play. Just my thoughts once again, please comment if this is stupid or worth thinking about.

    I'm just an average PLO player btw :/
  • Ratatuj


    my style is avoid playing bad big pairs from UTG like I said in the comments to the previous video. K3sK3s is not too much playable. so fold is ok to my mind. if you think it's worth playing do please )
    though I'd play KQKQ even SS from there )

    12th min. I just wanted to steal the pot not paying much for it. when 2 opps call some of them could easily have A6 or 56 with straight/flush draws. So a 6 is really not a good card. And my check is not as bad as you think, as I could slowplay a little giving them a chance to bluff (if I really had a FH).

    14th min. actually it doesn't matter, cause I had nothing there and he did have smth. it may even be a set.

    19th. no it also can mean that he's not a bluffy one and he just plays his nuts. eg, he could have 4oak of 7s or J7 or even JJT7. so there's a bunch of hands that could play this way. and again I tried just to steal the pot, so there's no need to pay the whole stack for it (my call would make a 66$ pot - do you really insist on the call the river, if he bets full pot again?)
  • K9M2


    Fold KKXX and next hand open reise a crappy hand like 5c68Qc. Don't like it...
  • Ratatuj


    Kings were trashy. Q6s85 is a marginal hand which I raised for deception. From early position I can present an over pair/set on a low dry flop with a single big card. Or I can hit a straight with a redraw. Well, fold is also ok.