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FullTilt sixtabling User Session Review

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  • krason


    min. 9: "QJ has us beat now" - no it doesnt -_-
  • bumbum0711


    i'm the one who played in the video.
    my stats are a bit weird:

    thx for the great information you gave in the video, I got one question on the J9d hand where I had the draw and turned the pair. I guess my thought process was that the pair gave me some showdown value, I guess that's why I ended up check/calling his small bet. If you cr the turn, what would be your raisesize, or would you just ship it in?


    is dangerous to speak of bad players like you do at that level

    better players dont play 5nl.

    also ive seen quite often, especially the coaches who dont make review session at the end, they end session actually giving money to the table, or losing overall.

  • bradomurder


    what a weird comment why is it dangerous to speak of bad players at 5NL if good players dont play that level?

    also having a losing session doesn't mean playing bad poker look at that J9s hand

    bumbum I would just ship the J9 for a checkraise
  • bradomurder


    generally speaking if you click pot and its about half your stack or more just jam is my rule especially when lots of bad river cards still can come
  • fffgreek


    to small resolution! i can't see the cards....
  • ge5sterne


    The video has been reuploaded and is now available in full length and in a higher resolution. Enjoy :)
  • Omarhawk


    I like this video and your comments. Lots of really interesting spots. However, I disagree with your judgement of the KK hand in the 3-suited flop. I think on such a dangerous board heroes bets are too big resulting in commitment. This is the classical way to go broke with just an overpair. I think betting the flop smaller and even checking the turn in order to see want villain does at the river would have been reasonable.
    Anyway I very good video. Looking forward to the second part.
  • gnawhalak


    loved it.. very good beginner video.. i watched this the second time after a few months of playing and reading.. and i learned a lot more than the first time i saw it with less poker experience especially with some of the terms
  • Jim4rdo


    Great video, helped a lot! :]

    looking forward to watching the other parts!


    hero raises to 4xBB with AA in the SB because there is a limper. Not sure why you told everyone it must have been a misclick... :P


    AA66 > QQJJ


    I also don't really like the shove on the river with KK at the end. Generally speaking, against most opponents it is a nice move and will get people off 2 pair and even sets, but here the villain only as AF=1 and is a complete fish based on the small sample we have, in other words his range is all over that board, and if he doesn't have it he is unlikely to bluff so we can safely check in the knowledge that he's only betting if he has us beat. Why do we want to ship against a calling station with 1 pair on a wet board with a possible 1 card straight? As it happens I think the villain probably rivered 2 pair and our bet got him off it, but I really think too much of this fish's range gives him hands he can't fold on the river and therefore the shove is very -EV in this particular scenario. Thoughts?


    having said that... nice vid, thanks! :)
  • Laci24


    Good video!
  • William340


    at about the 3 minute mark, hero has AQs in SB.
    UTG raises to .17, hero checks villain's stats I think he's 17/9 after 152 hnds, 8% raise in EP/MP, if I am reading it right.
    it is folded around to hero, and hero folds.

    Is this a standard fold because AQs is just under 50% vs this range and hero is OOP in SB ?
  • ge5sterne


    @16: Not a standard fold by all means. I personally would usually call here, assuming that even against an 8% range I will be able to show a small profit by playing this hand. But AQo for instance would not be a bad fold in a FR game against a tight UTG-opener and since AQs does not have much more equity against an 8% range, a fold is certainly an option if you are not confident enough in your postflop skills to play this hand profitably in that OOP spot