SnG $10 DON Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11
  • Fullring
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don PokerStars Session Review

Comments (21)

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  • AugustusCaesar


    Very interesting .. Please make some more DoN videos, maybe with more tables at once, like 4-tabling or even live session .. I think there is a lot of to discuss while playing DoN like for example when having 4000 chips just "sit out" and only play KK+ as the chips you gain basically have no value as it does not matter if you end up with 4000 or 7000 chips ..
  • Gangstahhh


    good video!

  • DELETEDM_1725351


    Would have been better to review a video where you were the shortstack :)
  • DonDur


    I agree with the second comment.
    Good video though...
  • donroops


    I agree on there needs o be more DoN videos. Good video and explanations, though I also agree with above.
  • zachen1989


    if you got 4000 chips in DoN tournaments, i think you could just sit out.
  • hypertyper


    Also agree. Really nice video and pretty good English considering it's not you first language. I'd love to see more!
  • Zamoarno


    Nice Vid...!
  • anytwooffsuited


    Hi Jaroz,

    Nice session review, are you still playing sng don? I am awaiting for next videos :)
  • altkiki


    hey, i'm curious about the software you're using or the player, what is it. it's like you recorded with camtasia and played it with this player or like you used the handistory, i can't figure it out, what software is it?
  • Jaroz007


    it is the Universal replayer:
  • xHexerx


    solidly played (like always) and good explanations
  • Dopito


    Nice video Jaroz!
  • tonnek


    Thx for the video, you make it look so easy :)
  • farbwenz


    nice video! I have 2 questions though: 1. at around 4:50 you raise AKs UTG as a big stack, for 3 big blinds. wouldn't it be sensible to raise a bit higher here, in order to avoid action? I mean, your goal is not to build up a stack but rather to survive...
    2. at 13.48 you minraise Q9s against someone with only 9 blinds left. shouldn't it be a push there, in order to create bigger fold equity? I think the short stack could push quite a few hands, because the BB almost never wants to get into trouble. You explain it yourself in the next played hand, AKo.
    so generally, should the bet sizing in DONs be lower than in "normal" games?
  • kidzoltan


    Very intresting video, with good explanation. You're English is perfect :D
  • Oldanaps


    very good
  • brouvi


    Come with more videos with DON ! Thank you !
  • Yoroichi


    Good English! Very good play and very good explanation!
  • adrianbraila


    i wait for u with a session on the new pokerstars sng fifty 50 with low buy in:1.50 or 3.50$
  • pibomarco


    tnx m8!