MTT $22 - $2,100 Live Video Part III

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $22 - $2100
  • Fullring
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2100$series Live Video PokerStars series

Comments (16)

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  • firsttsunami


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen. News kommt gleich :)
  • firsttsunami


    enojoy watching :)
  • GoreHound


    Bei mir läufts nich :/
  • wuest0r


    echt schade, man...
  • Paulemann36


    Thx a lot!
  • ditze12


  • alejandrosh


    thanks , time to get diamond O.o
  • RondellBeene


    @ #4 bringt auch nichts, ich könnte nie ein 2,1k tourney spielen, das ist ja bald meine ganze roll :D
  • MinBetDonk


    na dann bin ich dir mit gold ja voraus!Ö
  • Segens


    echt zum kotezn bringt das endlich mal zum laufen kann doch echt nicht sin, dass das jetzt schon seit paar Wochen nicht richtig funktioniert.
  • OnkelHotte


    Also bei mir geht ds Video ohne Probleme. Besteht das Problem noch?
  • Segens


    funktioniert jetzt aber auch nur der alte Player.... brauch irgend ne spezielle Software, hab den aktuellsten Mozilla!?
  • TeddyTheKiller


    1:45 A3o seems far to tight with those stacksizes.
    Sry but 5:00 is far to marginal to risk ur big edge with AQo. I can't imagine u want to flip or get it in for 55% in that deep. U have to be pretty sure, hes on tilt to make that call. I really hate that call sry, but prob just a question of oppinion.
    10:15 I prefer pushing A4s directly in that spot, cause raising makes u extremely vulnerable to resteals, and Alesanre is def capable of them.
    11:10 checking the Flop seems fine with the bd flushdraw, but you definatley shoud raise the turn, thats about the best card in the deck for you and theres lots of Draws out there. Also you get full value out of a queen and QJ does't have you beat any more.
    And sry what you say after the hand ist complete crap. "If I would have bet the Flop and the Turn and he then would have rivered me I would have lost far more"
    30:15: He cerntainly does not need a monster Hand to push in that Spot with the passive SB and his Stack. Still the fold seems ok with taking future game into account.

    Didnt watch more, but I definatly liked ur last Videos far better than this one.
  • JonathanLittle


    As for the A3, im not a fan of getting it in, especially when they make an odd play of 3x out of their 9bb stack. Had he pushed, I would have been more compelled to call.
    With the AQ, I have no problem stacking off there, as most people will show up with crap a lot of the time. However, folding is fine too.
    Pushing the A4s is fine.
    Im not really a fan of raising the AA hand, as every time they push, you are clueless where you are at but at the same time, could still be well ahead.
  • Jackalof


    Superb video as always, some quotes:

    "Sunday Million, just like WSOP Main Event, is on of the softest games"
    "it's always kinda disheartening to play well and get nothing. Get used to it if you play tournaments"

    We demand more videos, kthxbye
  • P0kerbr4t


    Can you please unblock your search button so i can rail you :) thanks for the vids :)