FL $0.25/$0.50 FR Session Review - Part I

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  • FL
  • $0.25/$0.50
  • Fullring
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  • Xpload1989


    Snooze, Sneeze.... Potato Potato, right? ;)

    Anyways, goede video voor FR FL spelers. Geloof dat het maar 4 of 5 handjes waren, maar wel uitvoerig behandeld. Zeker een aanrader. :)
  • minoan


    Clean and clear.Congrats!
  • zevinhill


    nice video opabumpi.
    I appreciate the "Less hands - More reasoning" approach!!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the effort.
  • Westdan


    after 20 only 2 hands (of minor interest) were dicussed...no chance to be bored enough to view the other 20 minutes.
    This video is a waste of time.
  • jewgeni


    great explanations on riverplay and your decisions whether to play a hand or not.
    quality > quantity
  • ro1chwvd


    Waaay too much and redundant explanations and very few hands played.
  • YohanN7


    I like the general approach with lots of discussion, but there is too much repetition.

    Besides, he played badly hands one and (perhaps) four (i.e. first and last(!) hand) in my oppinion.

    Here's the way I'd played it. [If it says "ok" it agrees with what he did.]

    Hand 1: [A5 on button]
    PF: Raise ok
    Flop: Raise or Fold. Seldom Call.
    [If the opponent hit anything at all you have at most three aces working for you. By calling, you hope and pray that 1) He will not fire another barrel on turn. 2) He will not hit one of his cards. 3) He is indeed bluffing.]
    Turn: Fold or Raise [There is an outside chance that he is still bluffing. By calling here you COMMITT yourself for one more bet on the river. If you necessarily need to waste two more bets, please put them in there NOW. It might make him throw away hands that beat you now, and, again, prevents him from hitting his hand. If you get reraised or bet at on the river, then simply fold. He sure as hell has you beat.]
    River: Call ok
    [He puts himself in a spot where he must pay off]

    Hand 2: [JT in SB]
    PF: Call ok
    Flop: Bet ok
    Turn: Bet ok
    River: Check-raise ok

    Hand 3:[86s on button]
    PF: Raise ok
    Flop: Bet ok

    Hand 4: [K9 on button]
    PF: Raise ok
    [Barely ok, The draws one is likely to pick up are precisely gut-shots to non-nut hands, which actually happens in this hand.]
    Flop: Check or bet
    [One can't c-bet every hand, particularly not against two opps. This is a spot to take the freecard for that gutshot]
    Turn: Fold
    [Your K9 is very unlikely to be best here. Way to few nut outs (none in fact)]
    River: Fold ok

    By the way, i did pick up something valuable: The reasoning about check-calling not being an option against strong players in hand 2.

    Please comment my comments!