FL $0.25/$0.50 FR Session Review - Part II

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  • $0.25/$0.50
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Continuing a series played on room Poker, this is part 2 of Opabumbi’s fixed limit full ring session review. Starting slightly later than part 1 finished, because of lack of action, he says that’s it not a problem if you have not seen the first part as this part stands alone.


series Session Review

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  • zevinhill


    good video BTW!!
    (1st one I saw from you)
    keep'em coming!!
  • matovx


    Great video and explanation! It would be nice to see part 3.
  • enemaze


    Nice video. Really liked the explanation about the places where you flat called your big hands. I sometimes have a pretty hard time dealing with donk bets and this video gave me some insight as to how to deal with them.
  • taavi1337


    Very nice.
  • FossiFoo


    Nice vid.

    Interesting thoughts, at least for more experienced bronce members. I can smell some leaks in my play.

    Guess it hasn't been getting much love in the english section, but now with the new vid search i can really recommend them.
  • Tommino


    Great video. I hope to see some more from you :)
  • murgo77


    Really enjoyed your videos! Looking forward to watching more of these.
  • manuuuuu


    interesting spots, nice video.
  • Rantrave


    Very good comment, u explain every decision very plain for every user. Good movie
  • topdammer


    I like this!
    one little thing, you see that K3s is a possibility when you have trips but i think it isn't a possibility. at the 29 minuut.
    but i have learn really much from this video!!
  • YohanN7


    I've seen both part I and part II. Overall I like it, but there is way way way to much repetition. He makes his point like three or four times making it pretty tiresome to watch the whole thing.

    Also, he is applying advanced concepts to micro limit tables. That way he talks himself into wasting a lot of chips on the early betting rounds. (See hand 1 in part 1 for example) In micro limit he should definitly follow his own advice more. Play straightforwardly!