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Gerv brings you a new live poker session played on Poker Stars. He explains about bluffing against two more opponents and also looks at reads for when you are on four or six tables, and the importance of hand histories.


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  • Xpload1989


    2 video's verschenen op één dag. Good job!

    15:11 Waarom is dat een fold? 5BB raise, BB shoves $4, je hebt $2,75 behind. Stack:Raise ratio van minder dan 2,5 is AJs shove? Of doe je dat liever niet tegen een shorty die je misschien niet kent?

    Ik zie je ook AQ en TT openraisen vanuit Early Pos. Is wat afwijkend van SHC. Kun je nog eens uitleggen waarom?

    39:05 Q2o op 3Q7 board shoven na donkbet? Erg marginaal? Je zegt hij zal geen Q hebben, maar sets dan? Top pair no kicker lijkt me wat marginaal?

    Oh, en je mobieltje heeft wel geinige ringtone. 36:36 gaat ie tijdje af, 40:13 weer. Haha :).

    Nice vid hoor ;)
  • Xpload1989


    Oh, 45:00 ongeveer maak je klein rekenfoutje. Je maakt er 45 / 9 van, maar het is 55 / 9, kom je iets hoger uit. Maarja, mini-sample, dus VPIP/PFR van 5 of 8 of 12 maakt weinig verschil, je kunt net wat meer goede handen hebben gekregen.
  • Kokaroc


    Nice and inspiring video :)
    However, you checked KQ from BB at 36:30
    It would be nice if you could do some Video/s using HUD and adjusting your game :)
  • vhallee


    nice video gerv keep it up! :)
  • Gerv


    Thanks Kokaroc!
    I did checked KQo because at that time I was thinking whether to just check 77-88, KQ there since those hands are pretty weak OOP.
    I must admit, I was kind of distracted due this live video environment. I prefer doing session reviews

    I will keep your suggestion in mind but as you just noticed with the KQ, that was one of my adjustments

  • bozzyy


    couldnt understand a thing
  • Gerv


    Dear bozzyy,

    Can you specify what you didn't understand please? I am sorry that you cannot understand a thing so for future videos I would like to know some feedback to improve my videos for you!

    Thank you in advance
  • Kokaroc


    To the Q2 hand in freeplay:
    Isn't it too risky to play for your whole pot even HU with top pair and no kicker?
    Wouldn't be better to wait for another better spot?
    Do you recommend to only check those hands mentioned above when from BB or it depends...?
  • Gerv


    Hallo Dominique :)!

    Ik speel ten eerste de vernieuwde Basic SSS waarin AK ,TT instant shove is. Wiskundig gezien krijgen we 34% wat tegen zowel AK ,JJ en AQ ,TT niet profitabel is om te callen.

    Natuurlijk zegt de stack::raise ratio dat je moet callen maar ik wou voor mijn eerst video het gewoon simpel houden voor de Engelsen

    Ik breid me spel wel uit op Zilver niveau. Dwz dat ik AQ/TT solide genoeg vind om op any position te spelen. Je speelt relatief meer handen op lange termijn en zodoende gaat je WR hier ook omhoog

    Over de Q2o hand; Een completing smallblind kan van alles hebben. Ik vind het marginaler om hier te raisen naar $1.75 of $2 (als ik raise naar $1.5 geef ik hem superduper odds). Je raised dan 50%.
    Als SSS speel ik liever aggressief dan passief sinds de variabele FEQ dan in jouw voordeel gaat werken.

    Van alle optie's nu ik er over nadenk vind ik nog steeds dat een shove de beste EV weergeeft sinds de kans dat hij een Qx heeft ook klein is doordat je zelf een Q hebt 1 op board.

    Mjaa ik zal mijn vriend even meppen dat ie niet meer moet bellen , mijn excuses daarvoor. Ik raakte zelf ook een beetje in paniek daardoor omdat ik moeilijk naar mijn mob kon grijpen sinds ie op mijn bed lag =(
  • Gerv


    45:00, true my bad :[[
  • gugapt


    great video. which spots u use reads like "open limps BU or CO"?.

  • Gerv


    Hello Kokaroc
  • shanshichi


    Keep up the good work Gerv :)
  • Kokaroc


    Hi Gerv, how's school going? :)
  • Gerv


    Argh I just saw that my comment wasn't post completely! My school is going meh, I have an appointment with my supervisor thinking about switching studies x(

    About your Q2o question, it is indeed a hand worth discussing! You can play this hand many different ways.
    You can call his bet on the Flop and call on the Turn and eventually decide what to do on the River.

    You can also push here since raising it big to $1.75-$2 is investing 50% of your stack. I dislike raising small since you give him 3:1 odds. Ofcourse it is debatable whether you have to protect. You also have to take FEQ into consideration due his wide range

    A fold is out of question imo, the range of Villain is so wide!
  • Gerv


    When small blind completes, I am inclined to mingly my raising to 4bb activities with just checking. You can also do the exploitable way: raise broadways//PPs and check ultimate trashhand and outplay the Flop.

    I use these reads only in conjunction with other reads if I am NOT using a headsup-display. This way I can get a general picture how Villain plays preflop ( does he limp from every position? Does he only limp from the BTN? etc.etc.)
    You have idiots who are only limping from the BTN and thus JJ ,AK can also be part of his range. Therefore you raise tighter from the SB/BB

    Hope this helps
  • Kula7


    One question about sss. I noticed you broke the rule of playing in the table with other short stack players. In the upper right table there are at least 5 short stack players. What do you think about that rule in general and do you know on which poker platform are there the least ss players. I play at party poker 25 nl and it's a very similar situation at every table.
  • marquato


    Excellent video, fast and precise, aggressive as should any starting player be.
    Also very nice the extras where we see the comparisson of the SHCs of SSS and the final ideal to real vpip/pfr.
    (note that you sum: 34+15+6=45[actually 55 :) )
    thank you very much for the video.
  • mbml


    I think it's ok as long as those shortstacks aren't SSS users and are loose/passive.

    The shortstack rule is to prevent you from getting into situations where you are just flipping a coin and exchanging money up and down while paying rake.
  • pipetruji


    Hi Gerv.
    I was looking for the 5ilver Chart, but i dint find it... i want it :D
  • Gerv


    Hi pipetruji

    Attend my coachings at Friday or Sunday and I will give u a link :)!
  • MickeyDD


    34 16 5 = 45 ???
  • Gerv


    Yes in the end I was a bit messy with the numbers, my apologizes for that
  • Mizner


    Pretty cool video Gerv,

    When I saw Anna Kurnikovova´s 2nd part of playing tight as HELL or ...NOT! I liked the idea that we are not playing that tight that we can raise preflop AQs. In his video is mentioned that AQo preflop raise is too loose.

    Do you think that loosening the range (AQo preflop raise) is more profitable, but more difficult to handling it? Or AK´s approach is more to SSS point?

    Thakns for a comment
  • Mizner


    He was playing NL 50 and said, that on this limit it is necessary to loosen up up to AQs raise, so I am interested if your approach is correct on the 25NL limit, to be precise.
  • Gerv


    With AQ you have the tendencies to miss the Flop a lot so being out of position most of the time isn't that good against relatively loose opponents who do not even know how to fold.

    But I'd say that I open AQ ,TT by default from NL2 and up now but pure for beginners, just start out with AK ,JJ

    This video was mainly aimed for 25NL players playing with the SHC and AQ isnt present in EP
  • Killroan


    Hi, Gerv, thanks for the nice video :) where can we get this advanced chart from?
  • antonin87


    hi gerv..i liked the end when you did the summary of this session, even when im not used to software and have only ps elephant which is just tracking my progress..but anyways that was the good thing about this vid..
    i have the similar question like other guys, where can i get this advanced chart from???
    its not in the strategy articles im sure..
    thx for the vid
  • Gerv


    Hello :)!

    You can ask me this question during the coaches I give weekly for the English members:
    Silver Coaching is on Friday 19:00 CET
    Bronze Coaching is on Sunday 19:00 CET

    I am looking forward to see you there
    Best regards,
  • canagliaru


    i want this layout :D where can i get it?
  • gigaPT


    very good video
  • numba13


    nice vid
  • nosTa1337


    just saw your vid and i mostly enjoyed your comments. "thanks for the money" , bb table - oh hello new one.. and many more ; )
  • infected177


    At 15:00 the right bottom table don't we use the steal re-steal?
    And raise AQ from early position is that good can we make those moves?
    I now only the basic at SSS.
  • Sinnology


    Justa watched this this video.
    Been playing SSS for about a week now and beat NL5/NL10, so this will be great starting point for my new NL10/20 sessions.

    I have a question tho.
    Despite the fact that I use PT3 I have no idea ov using nor reading HUD stats, which puts me in kinda low confidence state.
    So the question is, should I feel this way and learn to read and use HUD stats on this limit, or its just a matter of personal opinion?

    Best regards


    May you give me the chart find in 33.43, thanks.
  • 123progress


    Gerv I love you <3 !!!