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Hasenbraten looks a session on Full Tilt poker played by the Poker’s member Mario86. He gives detailed commentary on the 4 played tables.


FullTilt User Session Review

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  • Last2Act


    No-Limit $25 Fullring User Review

    ik zie alleen maar 50nl tafels :(
  • svephi


    gibts nur noch sachen in englisch?
  • johnboy1


    you played them aces wrong pal when he reraise you, you shouldnt of called ,why didnt you just go all in pre flop ?? and when the flop came out with two queens and a 6 you push all in that was very poor play. he could of had ace queen or qq,in which he did (qq) your mistake in this hand was you never gave the inpression that you had the better hand in total there was $35.75 dollars in the pot when he reraise you, you had $42 dollars left you should of came over the top of him and put him under pressure, pfffff your videos are poor im a better player than you i hope you watch this video of your self and see where you when wrong......
  • Rienk


    on 20:00 (top right):

    i saw MP2 limp/callen3bet whit Q6 ! :P

    after he called he went broke when hitting his 6
    that would worth a note :P
  • coreynz


    lol love it the guy above thinking he is better than a pro lol classic...another good video thank you...
  • Mario86


    best video ever^^
  • Kamelle


    Minute 27:

    Why do we isolate QTo against the loose UTG+1-limper ?
    I dont think are ahead against his limping range and we dont have much FE so in my eyes this 5BB-raise cannot be profitable. We saw villain limp call A3s earlier, just to call the cbet with middlepair. So I dont even think we can get him off of any pocket pair with one cbet no matter what flop comes.
    Were does our profit come from in this hand ?

    On the flop I dont see why we should raise. With a raise we are not representing much on this board. As you said, hes only folding trash to that raise. You could say that we should raise any good made hand here, like a set or TPGK for value, because his bet is so small and we want to get more money in the pot, especially because we are more than 100BB deep, but I'm not really sure if this is that good, because we cant be sure that villain is calling down c/r flop, bet turn, bet river with a weak A.
    So I think, instead of raising the flop, we should, if we really want to bluff here, what I think is not that good against this loose player, we can float.
  • hasenbraten


    overall i think its profitable to raise since well get it HU with initiative often enough and even though qto is not the greatest hand we have the playability is still okay, std - isolationraise

    raising the flop is indeed somewhat close but its just like an ammount he still might bet with more or less any-2 and besides Ax hands he hopefully will fold pretty much everything. floating on the other hand gets you way to far into the hand and leaves him the opportunity of just betting rather small again on the turn and really put you into an ugly spot. against an bad, not handreading opponent i would usually just raise smallish on the flop if i want to bluff and giveup if he continues
  • Sieghardt


    johnboy1,if you speak english and have an iq higher than a monkey,you would understand that in this video hassenbraten is not playing,he is just analyzing.He said that the AA hand was a mistake and mario should have shoved it preflop so next time pay a little more attention.
  • riskcore


    Last!! bratenlicious