MTT $55 Session Review - Part II

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Fullring
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FullTilt series Session Review

Comments (11)

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  • ihufa


  • alejandrosh


    min 43 T7o, isn't that a shove as the tourney shortstack with M of 4?
  • bakoy


    playing way too tight at the end, imo
  • budzior


    yes, too tight. It looks weird when i write this on tribuns video but i think its true;)

    38min - easy resteal with A7o
  • DarkNeo1


    you folded t7 on the button but pushed 56 in the cutoff.hmmm
  • Dexterrrr


    yeah , too tight in the end ..
  • Dexterrrr


    but nice vid overall imo :)
  • ReverseEST


    in my opinion, too loose with weak hands in the last 20. Even 12 BB is big enough stack to wait some hand. But vid and tournm. was nice.
  • tennisassxxxx


    sind schon einige resteal gelegenheiten ausgelassen worden...
  • joyceenbob


    I must say I agree with ReverseEST
    I hate just shoving it in with rags, when u get called ur out.
    but thats just my opinion
    good video!
  • Bendiger


    "and i really thought about pushing here, but...."

    die ganze zeit... irgentwann muss man halt auch mal light rüberballern wenn man nicht so krass runterblinden will imo - grade mit so einem tighten image wie er es hat