SnG $22 FR Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22
  • Fullring
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Session Review

Comments (5)

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  • Tim64


    excellent stuff - esp re multitabling. Atm, I play 5 tables. Thinking of increasing to 6 but beyond that I think reads will be impossible. Interested in others' views....
  • zmilko


    Very good video. I like that you explaine all of your moves and even the others moves, when you are out of the pot. It was a good experiance.
    I will be watching the rest of your videos.
  • Bedoze


    Interesting indeed! Good explanation on moves and I like the way you exploit the weak spots when people mini-raise or limps.

    Funny thing is that if the villain happen to have a good hand, well.. shit happens! =)
  • Fox999


    min 16 upper right...why u push nearly 20 bb ... u can also reraise threw a 3 bet.... u isolate urself against hands like jj+ ... i think its not good...or u think he will often call ur 3 bet and bluff or hit???
  • 013paul


    Too bad you didn't include the bubble / itm play in this video, this is the most interesting part of a SNG.