FL $0.50/$1 Session Review - Part I

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded
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Opabumbi plays on room Poker and gives a detailed commentary on his play. He also goes in depth about what he thinks his opponents will do.


Equity series Session Review

Comments (8)

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  • PokerRoad


    Like your Play on the KQ hand .. OBV was a big advantage to have position on this hand ..Just was thinking how you play the river here being first and second to act? Think bet/fold would be correct then yes?
  • opabumbi


    hi, could you plz post a timelink or give me an idea where in the video i can find this hand? i make to many videos to know them all by heart, sorry.

    ty martin
  • nickenbica


    Bedankt! Fijn dat je het spel pauzeert en diep op het spel ingaat, met duidelijke uitleg over genomen beslissingen.......
  • Byqu


    Good movie

    You are good teacher :)
  • taavi1337


    Nice intelligent play, liked it a lot =)
  • CCFreak


    #1 Und das bei Opabumbi! Fuck Yeah!
  • CCFreak


    Eine Frage zur Equilator Hand am Anfang. Warum beziehst du dort in die Berechnung nicht AJ mit ein? Wäre doch eine reasonable Hand oder?
  • CheckBop


    I really don't like the range you give him in the AQ hand. I think the second range is closer but I would also include all A9's maybe A8. The fact he shows up with ATo suggest he is capable of playing many other aces the same way.

    Also, I would place less emphasis on the sets 55 and 33 as he rasied the flop. It is very common for both good (to call flop, raise turn for value) and bad players (to slow play) just to call in this situation. Its also makes no sense for him to raise 44 on this flop.

    Also, alot of the deuces you gave him seemed unreasonable for him to raise the flop with just a gutshot?

    I cam up with a range which gives us ~60% equity which is still close as whether to check/raise or not but on htese limits I think it (c/r) is the best play.