NL $25 BSS

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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  • Schrute


    Very nice video. Good explanations and nice reads.
  • nomadique


    good video, waiting for more videos from you. Helped me to understands stats better, and reads were good as well.
  • tramwaj


    Very nice. I liked the explanations :)
  • Ave27


    good video, pretty helpful.
  • mitchbeach


    Woww juste one of the best SH video. So many good advice...
  • mouse89


  • pokerafterdark


    great basic strategy to nl25 this must be one of your first videos...
  • Fanti1


    ye nice vid but you are wrong with your KQvs66 because he does not have the 6h you have one more out the 5h and you are not behind.
  • TheBrood


    Wow, so many good hands on 2 tables! You either got a K or A and when you didnt you got suited connectors lol

    Vey nice video and hopefully you will make 30 mins vids since 40 mins is a bit long imo. Thnx for today's class hasenbraten =)
  • Tim64


    Good video with excellent explanations of some concepts like how to win the most with our good hands and lose the least when we may be beaten.
  • kimela83


    hi everyone and good luck to all