NL $20 FR SSS Live Video Part I

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $20
  • Fullring
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Live Video series Starting hand chart Tight as hell

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  • AnnaKurnikowa


    enjoy! =)
  • dzurc


    nice vid. ty
  • fakedurrr


    no squeeze on NL20? naaah, pitty :) but I doubt it will work, not enough FE and they dont know sandwiching , gap concept etc.
  • poger8


    Occasionally too tight, but really matches the title :)
  • Kokaroc


    Hey AK!
    Nice video, interesting situations and good explanations :)
    I just think it was a little chaotic with the two tables, always replacing them, won't you try to 8 table or how many was there... :)
    But you're the director.
    I just don't understand, why you raise 66 from MP3 and don't raise AQ from early...
    I'm looking forward to the next NL50 video :)
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #5 - I can explain it to you why I raise 66 from MP3 and AQ not from early.

    If I raise 66 form MP3 my goal is to steal the blinds, so this is a pure stealraise. I don't want to play any pot for it.

    If I raise AQ from early position, my goal is definately NOT to steal the blinds because I can hardly be sure that it will work - there are so many people sitting behind you that may act after you. Now imagine the possible situations.

    All fold - you stealt the blinds! Good one, but happens not that often

    One calls you - what is his range to call you? Maybe some suited connectors, maybe a pocket pair. On the flop you will take the pot down with a continuation bet or when he decides to continue playing at the flop, you are way behind most of the times, because he did hit something and you don't. So you win 3BB from his call or you loose stack ;).

    One reraises you - what is his YOUR range to reraise someone to all in (or at least commit him with the raise) from early position? Just think about...maybe the range to reraise is TT+, AK, AQs. How is our AQ running against that range? Pretty bad.

    So by playing standard SSS, there is basically no reason to raise AQ from early position ;) Talking about advanced SSS that's another point.
  • Kokaroc


    I understand the steal with 66 now a little more, but I thought that steal positions are CO, BU and SB...
    And to the AQ hand...
    If you're playing with stats, it shouldn't be difficult to see where you are...
    I play on NL10-20 on Cake(9seats tables) and I standardly raise TT and AQ from early, but I don't always raise AJs from middle, maybe only MP3.
    So what will you do when someone reraises your AJs?

    Thanks for explanations :)
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #7 - if they're tight and you know that at least CO or BU sit moreless at the CO being MP3 ;)

    If someone raises your AJs, you just muck unless you have a read he 3bet really agressive =)
  • fuefgerade


    you stayed on the table with a double stack? maybe you just forgot to stand up.Ok,happens to all of us. but the AQo steal attempt with the big stack after a limper..(who was maybe slow playing real goods)was rather.. you know what I mean "Bish" ;-)
    squeezes with A10..well, looking forward to the next vid.@NL50

    anyway, nice to have a vid. with stats for silver- should be pretty standard now playing with a tracking tool (specially as there is the elephant for free)

    you might as well put 4 tables at the screen to fill it up-
    better for the eye than your nervous back and forth switching and swapping
  • csianer



    nice video and even understandable for the german viewers...
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    maybe thats because I am german =P
  • biij


    nice, I enjoy it
    tell plz, in this video you are using stat 3bet on preflop or 3bet vs steal?
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    3bet overall preflop
  • rashtaweke


    Great video, very helpfull. the only thing I dont know how you all manage to end up in all your sesions.
  • asmirovic


    Nice video!
  • KKNgroup


    Really nice video! Thank you!