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FullTilt Live Video

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  • Pichux


    Nice vid! :)

    As for the trapping you felt early on....In the past two weeks i have noticed that at these limits, villains are very likely to trap you. Pretty often they flat call or minraises the AA,KK,QQ,JJ and AK, much rarely AQ....Sometimes seeing the minraise to fold to a push though. Well it has affected my game anyway and now i am playing much tighter if i'm seeing a villain flatcall or minraise while beeing in the push/fold.
  • greatcsaba


    I do not know why he folded QJ in preflop when there was no raise?
  • Pichux


    What time that was?
  • Woohoooo


    I figure that it still was 9 players in the game, and QJ is very often dominated.. guess he didn't want to risk his entire stack for just a little chips :)
  • minoan


    And we saw some classic full tilt stuff..worst hand wins,etc.
  • steinek


    @2: Please tell me the time in the video and I can explain my thoughts.


    how could you be a diamond member , play a session on lower limits ( i cant believe this is your normal limits with diamond membership on ps) and lose so much?

    thanks for video anyway
  • steinek


    Hi CRI4BRA,
    this is not my home limit, you are right. However, this is a very small samplesize and in these few tourneys even the best player in the world can have bad luck and lose everything. (I am not claiming I am the best ;-) )
    Don't expect to win all the time when playing poker, but be sure you do so on the long tun and I can guarantee you I win in the long run and I don't teach you losing poker. ;-)
  • blackstone1


    good video and steinek has some funny comments :)
  • antonin87


    hi new to this community and was third video i watched so far in last few days and i have to say they helped trying to build up my BR to 100D on 1DSnG and if im following your play close to my im nearly always behind the im looking for some more vids..
  • dotarian


    watched this vid 3 times now, helps everytime :)
  • metalDays


    Very good video Steinek, I like your vid better then most SNG vids out there because you explained your moves in a very understandable manner.

    I do not however understand why you pushed in the heads up with a J 7 suited, that was a real gamble.
  • slnpiranha


    Howerver we have worse hand and we loose, how strange :DDD
  • aceonetheriver


    fish psychology: they feel cool and strong when they make u fold! :D:D

    thx 4 the vid :)
  • 013paul


    Why don't you raise to 4 BB in the first hand? Pocket 10 is tough to play if someone calls, which they often do early on this limit.
  • DecMate


    i think the AQ early on when they guy raised to 90 was hella tight tbh.
  • gedwashere91


    I dont really like the shove of J6 from the bb against sb's complete at 31:30
    But apart from that, all pretty good :D
  • alberts1955


    very good video Steinek.
    like all ur videos, u know how to explain everything :)
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • bastian081


    nice video I like your productions
  • GiambaJe


    Love your videos steinek
  • AndrejsS


    hey steinek, why did you folded pocket 9s in small blind at 41:20 ?