MTT $215 Session Review - Part II

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (12)

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  • Dendra


    great opening four minutes, one day gonna be able to see the rest :PPP
  • vhallee


    great video jon! indeed you were kinda nitty on the button but i'm way nittier :(
    looking forward to part 3!
  • JonathanLittle


    Sometimes nitty is good.
  • wool85


    Great explanations on every hand. Really loved it.
    But I don't really think you were too nitty on the button. The stacks behind were just perfect to resteal and you did say that at least Latuz seemed pretty aggressive. So I would've folded junk hands without hesitation.
  • drIch


    Great video again. I like your plays a lot. Best content for me.
  • elfigus


    nice video jonathan!
  • spaZ


    great video; I just loved your happiness about the minraiser getting bashed
  • Rolo23


    i don't like the preflop call with 33- i prefer folding this one
  • HariRadovan


    So ein schönes Video und kein einziger Kommentar???
    Na gut, mach ich halt mal den Förster :-)
  • joe0411xx


    Wo ist denn der 1. Teil der serie?
  • PripoSam


    the first part is a diamantvideo...sort of weird...anyway nice vid
  • ASSO1976


    Minute 23: "Sorry about that. I had to make sure I wasn´t gonna die!" LOL ;) LOL