SnG $22 - $33 FR Live Video

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FullTilt Live Video

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  • Sk0rPinouX


    Nice video, =)
  • frzl


    13:20 bl
    you already clicked "fold" before utg raised. isn´t this a fi push? which calling ranges do you give them?
    i didn´t try a lot but if SB is calling 40% and BB is 30% it´s 0.12
    if SB is calling 50% and BB 40% it´s -0.09... but would they call that wide?

    22:20 ul
    i think i would have raised KQ here. maybe even minraised. the shorty stack can´t hurt you and BU BB will be quite tight because of the "almost-bubble-situation" you mentioned before. you obviously can´t fold to a push though. so the only problem is the SB... of course you have to fold if he pushes but imo it´s more likely that he folds or calls and if he calls you are ip with a decent hand with great playability (i´m assuming that he would push AQ or AK preflop).
    am i too loose? :P

    23:20 ul
    i agree with the QT call. 37% is the breakeven point. not sure though...

    24:20 ul
    FU ^^

    29:10 ul
    52s is a push for me. it´s a small bubble for 2nd place and the shortest guy will get hit by the blinds in the next two hands... i can´t see him calling super loose.

    32:25 ul
    Q9o is another push for me.

    32:35 ur
    which hands do you push here? i think i´m too loose in those spots but J8o would be kinda close for me i guess. if you get the blinds you are the cl and can push the next hand quite loose as well. unfortunately i have to admit that i didn´t pay a lot of attention on the BBs playing style :)

    good video. thank you :)
  • looserbaby79


    to frzl 13:20 do you mean that q9 hand? if yes here is in sb here and there was alredy push from utg1

    29 minutes - calling with a9s and going broke in A high boarde - i dont like hit.its on bubble and there is extra is bad player and can by on draw somethimes on worst A and hit. there is no reason to take this risk imo.

    32:35 i agree to push j8o here he was very tight in last hands

    very nice video i really enjoy it
  • frzl


    no it´s 87s
  • Renegaade


    hf @ looking :)
  • nunopires


    Unam is the best!!
  • BigAl123456


    great vid, lots of Buble and ITM play, thanks Unam