Black Member Party VIII: Video

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Were you at the Black member party in Berlin Sept 2009? Yes? Then you may well see yourself in this video, if you weren’t there, see what you missed!


Black Member

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  • Gabinr1


    Very nice! I will be there as soon as possible! :)

  • extpan


    nice video :)),and even more nice party!Who perform song on begining?
  • justkyle88


    That was really cool.
  • vhallee


    fantastic video :O
    fantastic party :D
  • TwiceT


    live grinding in vienna w/ TwiceT ftw muhahahha :D

    fantastic party, but where was vhallee?? do u join next one in munich?

    actually, friday night english community party was better than bm party itself imo. looking forward to munich ;-)

    (if im black @ munich, can i also join engl. comm party on friday btw?! cuz u know .. i dont need socialising and stuff, i need tha dancefloooor and some partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
  • TwiceT


    (and ofc, most importantly, i need to see all the guys from engl. community cuz on saturday the dinner takes so long and when blacks hit the bm party, all diamonds are already drunk as hell :D)
  • shane0878


    So is it a rull that to be a Black Member you can't have an ugly girlfriend?
    That was impressive.
  • aleisterc80


    @extpan: ES Posthumus - Nara (Cold Case Soundtrack). Fancy party BTW ;)
  • SergeSas


    Then I'm black member in no time :P
  • DessiP


    Great job with the video gzaal! What a fun party!
  • vhallee


    #5: Maybe I will be there at the next Black Member Party :) We'll see ;)
  • elfigus


    insaneeeee ^^ i just need 480.0000 ps points lal
  • joehahaha


    ca fait rêver
  • GoldFish1


    Ya de quoi motiver Sgosgo et Wil12 a devenir BlackMember et vite :p
  • tostaky19


    Elle devait etre tristounette la teuf apres le resto on en voit d'ailleurs quelques images... c vrai que l'avant derniere party était bien plus télégénique ;p
  • gulminge


    au dinner on voit hélas plus de femme. snif
  • caine314


    I'm learning German so I can actually go to this thing soon!