NL $25 FR Live Video

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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  • skurril909


    first !!!
  • Dendra


    great video, helped me fix some of my mistakes on nl2 though im pretty sure there are many more useful things in this video i just havent noticed yet :D
  • randomdonk


    it doesnt load for some reason :\
  • CBFunk


    works fine for me with the new video player
  • Vice1


    @5.52 Why are you trying to take down a limped pot on a A high board? In my experience fishes tend to like A high hands so it's really in their range.
  • Vice1


    Futher you say if he doesn't have a pair or a flush he's gonna fold so your kinda hit his whole limping range: SC's, pp's en maybe suited aces..
  • hasenbraten


    well, since its HU you just have to fold 1 guy out. this is not too unlikely given that you need less then 50% foldequity, even with pretty much no remaining equity when called. he will for sure continue Ax holdings, prolly 8x holdings as well. he might very well fold 66/77 and will often fold 5x as well es 22-44. also will he fold Kx. this should make up more then 50% of his range if he was limping so i would still try this if he limped

    however, here he actually did just post the blind in the CO which makes his range even weaker, since its basically 100%- 20% toprange or so, this range barely hits this board (some Ax even though he raises them sometimes pre, some 8x some FD). the majority of his hands will have to fold!
  • i5bet72o


    I really dont like the 3b/broke vs a reg 100bber. His range for 4b is AK+, QQ+ (maybe not even AK and QQ) and your equity really sucks vs that range. I personally would flat call pre b/c 3b/broke doesnt make sense either