PLO $25 SH Live Video

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  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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  • SallaMC


    Nice video, just like the ones in the German section.
    Concerning the preflop min raise from UTG, I am experiencing that many players see this as weakness and will just call in position and you end up in a family pot OOP. The main strategy then obviously is waiting for the nuts and get it in, but even at PLO25 on FT, getting it in on those flops will be rather hard.
    How do you recommend to change gears if you have 3 calling stations to your left?
    Thanks for any advice!
  • jenoc


    Nice Video Peter Griffin avatar = absolute WIN!
  • Quattro1313


    First hand : AAKKds???
  • tagwandler


    Well done, Marcel. Nice Vid!
    2 Short comments:

    12:15 top-right Q852ds
    You peel the Flop because you have some Showdownvalue, a lot of turns you can continue on, and some additional turns you can bluff. THIS turn is not one of them, imo.

    Your relative hand strength and your overall equity just got much worse, you can't represent a strong holding 'cause of the mass straighdraws out there, additional flush-draw possible on turn.

    Not a good spot to bluff, what are you trying to represent? Not much imo.

    36:15 top-left 6653 freeplay
    You hit bottom set in a limped pot OOP, 3 opponents with a possible (and likely) straight out there.

    Just check/fold imo, the pot is so small. Don't pay off three streets like a fish. ;)
  • 1Blackknight


    Nice vid,thanks.
    I am not english,but really easy to understand!
    Thanks again!
  • PokerMarcel87


    @ tagwandler #1:
    I figured that if i call the turn, i pretty much cant call any river if he fires a 3rd barrel.
    Plus he just bets $1 into a $3,35 pot,which just seems like a weak bf almost all the time.
    I admit that its somewhat questionable but imo it a choice between raising or folding. By raising we can rep some Q9** (ok we would normally raise the flop here but meh. Dont think they are on this lvl),69** or just a bare A9** type of hand and fold out lots of draws/better Q*** hands.
    And afterall it not really necessary to balance there because there wont be a SD the vast majority of times.

    tagwandler #2:
    Actually i waned to b/c the flop, so when raised i know im up against a straight an can play accordingly.
    Maybe you heared my mumbling when i checked the flop ;-)
    I think calling the flop ist ok given pot odds/implied odds etc. Obv our turn line depends on our flop line so after cc the flop i didnt wanted to cf the turn because i still have some implieds vs a straight if i donk the river.
    So kind of missplayed from the flop on and then tried to make the best out of it..

    @ SallaMC: Check out the Artikel on the german forum ;-)