NL $50 FR SSS Live Video - Part II

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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This video is part 2 of AnnaKurnikova´s aka AK series playing the Short Stack Strategy NOT tight as hell on NL $50.


Live Video series Tight as hell

Comments (9)

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  • fred1509


    nice video, thanks~
  • Kokaroc


    Hey AK
    nice video again :)
    I like the idea - we're not playing loose, we're playing not tight :)
  • aciddrop


    Nice vid. As for the QJs hand, situationally, I loved it. This is NOT! tight play. NP.
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    ofc, shortstacks can't play loose ;P imagine one with 27/26 :P we have to play NOT tight

    Thanks for the feedback up to now
  • andybandy008


    good stuff

    I liked the JQs resteal.

    For me the best way to play is allways depending on the Tables/Opponents.On the tight tables i play not that tight and on looser Tables i play tighter.:)
  • pashone


    Hi AK
    Like the video very mucho :)
    Question about the AQ hand:isn't it better to resteal tight players who often steal blinds with 2.5BB 3 bet then AI 3 bet?
  • Xpload1989


    Super video :D Erg goed uitgelegd, toch nog altijd wat afgeleid door z'n vreemde stem, maar erg leuk gedaan :) Zeker leerzaam!
  • brunogalvao81


    Very nice series! Keep the good job.

  • KKNgroup


    Your style made me to smile while I watched this entertaining and educational show! Thank you!