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Here is Steinek with another live video on Poker Stars, 4 tabling turbo SNG´s. He gives a detailed commentary and passes comments on his opponents play including talking about their possible thought patterns.


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  • Jackalbe23


    ja ja ja :). nice video but you have a lot a bad push'es
  • aciddrop


    Nice vid. The only push I didn't like was the first one. J2o against a guy who had too few chips, I think, for him to ever fold. Even with a bad hand, say Q2, he may have called. I could have folded that one.

    The rest, great I think, just unlucky that the retards made bad calls where they should have folded a couple of times.
  • AugustusCaesar


    Nice vid, nice pushes :) however I am not sure about the Qh3h push bottom left at 34:45, I would probably push like Q7s especially with the bigstack on the BB
  • steinek


    Hi all,
    thanks for the comments! I am sorry for the sound that is not perfect and I hope this is not too annoying and I promise better quality!
    @1: Please tell me some spots to discuss about them. Like this I cannot extract anything out of your comment than the fact that you seem to know exactly how perfect poker goes. But I want to learn that, too ;-)
    @2: Can you tell me the minute? Usually those SB pushes seem quite loose on the first glimpse but looking in the Wizard you just notice they have to call a lot in order to make it minus EV. E.g. if you think Q2o will be among his worst calling hands, this means he folds around 45% of the time plus I have some equity against his calling hands as well.
    @3: In this case the BB seemed to be quite a reasonable player which has two consequences:
    -He will push loose from the SB and folding here I am quite likely to lose SB and BB as well and afterwards there is just a little more than 3BB left.
    -He won't call to loose as he knows about the advantages of FE and does not want to risk his good situation. He is deep, but right now I can still hurt him. On the other hand: After paying the blinds I cannot hurt him any more.
    That's why I think I have to push a lot there and a suited Q can imo no be omitted from the pushing range.

    So feel free to post some more spots and we can discuss them here.
  • Titicamara


    Nice vid. Keep it up
  • asromafan82


    Hello Steinek!

    Great video again !
    Can you make a 3$ sup.turbo video later please ?
  • rex99


    thanks for the vid.
  • Rockynok


    good video.
  • ovatsuG21


    Very good video. Only push i didn't like was the K3s in BB against the loose that limped on SB in bottom right table. Rest of push were OK.
    PS: What the hell were those calls in bottom right table? K9...K4 lol
  • Saki13


    Oo You have even balanced your "good game"-Line ;-)
  • K1pa


    rly nice vid, my game becames better and better after ur vids ))
  • alejgambe


    very good video
    i liked the loose game in the bubble
  • ex6tence


    OMG! He checked on the river with nuts flush at the beggining - 1 mistake in one minute! :) Although he admit that he made a mistake :D
  • farbwenz


    nice video, again I learnt some stuff:)
    Just one comment:
    At 6 min you comment on "Vinnys" bad play, because he only has a 2nd pair. At the flop you are right, his play was pretty bad, but on the turn he got a OESD and calls a half-pot-size bet, which I think is not too unreasonable do tue the implied odds....right?:-)
  • germanl12


  • atowskis


    Wery good vid. :)
  • Trewarz


    Interesting play :=)
  • Lepoutre


    thx for the video !


    wtf 36:42 steinek did you fart? :))) anyway nice vid. Ty
  • redkillaa


    LOL @ 36:42 hahahha

    btw, great vid!
  • martoman2k10


    liked the vid, the loose calls were well explained. Check on the river with the nutflush is debatable but you had the read and you went with it so fair play.Would it have been a better idea to bet minimum there or maybe 2x BB? Aces don't come around too often so he might call a small bet or aggro if he doesn't believe you.

    thanks for the vid!
  • RedStarUltras


    not good play at all.those horribly loose pushes while he is chip leader on the bubble are so bad.